5 Wines You Must Taste Before turning 30

Wines have the power to make even living life on a desert island into a luxurious vacation. According to the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, “Wine moistens and tempers the spirit and lulls the cares of the mind to rest.” The cultivation of wines is a part of the human culture of centuries and central to the traditions of some parts of the world.

If you ask any wine expert the best way to choose the best wine, they will reveal that the only way is by tasting as many wines as you can yourself. However, tasting every type of wine can be an arduous endeavor with close to 20,000 different wines existing around the world.

Also, there are several health benefits for drinking wines, along with the aesthetic and social appeal of wine drinking. Everyone has a bucket list or catalog of things to do that they wish to complete before reaching a certain age. This article puts together a list of 5 best wines for wine aficionados to try out before turning thirty. So, let us jump right into it without further ado.

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5 Wines You Must Taste Before Turning 30

  1. Tablas Creek Vineyard Patelin de Tablas Blanc, 2017

    California is extremely popular among wine aficionados for its proficiency in producing world-class wines. Most people will think of Napa Valley or Sonoma as the places for finding the best wines in California. However, the regions such as Paso Robles also deserve recognition for their exquisite wine collection.With a location that is right in the middle of San Francisco and Los Angeles, the region boasts of its excellent conditions, essential for producing premium quality wine. The daily temperature change between day and night time is close to 50 degrees ensures that the grapes have high acidity and longer ripening period.The Patelin de Tablas Blanc, 2017 from the Tablas Creek vineyard, is a fresh and neat concoction of Marsanne, Grenache Blanc, Viognier, Roussanne, and Clairette Blanche.

    The wine exudes floral notes of apple, grapefruit zest, and peach skin, which compliments the high acidity and saline minerality.The texture and body of the wine make it perfect for complementing dishes of Chicken and Shellfish.

    The Tablas Creek Vineyard has a pioneering role in bringing to the forefront California Rhone-style blends. The winery makes the Patelin De Tablas wines use a mixture of 8 to 12 of the top wines in the Rhone region.

  2. Sans Liege 2011 Call to Arms Paso Robles

    The Sans Liege winery uses the grapes in the central coast vineyards, where the riverbed contains alluvial soil, decomposed sandstone, silt loam clay, and small Alta mesa blocks. The climate of the region is extremely suitable for growing Grenache as the climate is akin to that of a desert with sparse rainfall, cool night and hot days.The diurnal temperature difference is some of the highest in the world ranging up to 50 degrees in a day and night. The Sans Liege has an equitable, heavy, and flavorful with a velvety feel and a tinge of heat.The flavors that are evident are dried fruits, minerals, and yellow fruit.

    The call to arms is a blend of 70 percent Grenache Blanche and 30 percent Roussanne which undergoes aging in neutral French barrels for 17 months.

  3. J. Lohr Hilltop Cabernet Sauvignon, 2017
    wine before 30

    The Cabernet Sauvignon uses a mixture of 3 fruits from the J. Lohr vineyards for Adelaida, Creston and La Pomar for contributing to over 85% of the wine. The Hilltop Cabernet Sauvignon is a Bordeaux style blend that contains 95% Cabernet Sauvignon with 4% Petit Verdot and 1% Malbec.The soft and dense wine has flavors of anise, herbs, and cocoa with smooth tannins and a vivid red fruit aftertaste at the end. The barrels are so exquisite that exceptional drinks such as the Crown Royal Reserve also use the American Oak Cabernet Sauvignon barrels for providing a complex flavor profile.
  4. Carol Shelton 2014 Monga Zin Old Vines Zinfandel Lopez Vineyard Cucamonga Valley
    wine before 30

    The grapes for making the Carol Shelton Monga Zin 2014 are from old vineyards which exist in Cucamonga valley from 1918. The Monga Zin gives a delicate feel in the mouth while the flavor is that of ripe red strawberries. The wine has a balanced and long finish with tannins that are soft and round.The Carol Shelton Monga Zin uses wines from organic vineyards in dry-farmed, bush wine sources. The wine also undergoes aging for a period of 20 months French and American oak barrels.
  5. Saxum Red Rhone Blend Paso Robles 44 Month Barrel Age James Berry Vineyard 2009
    wine before 30
    Saxum Vineyards is a boutique winery in the Paso Robles area of California which focuses on producing red wine of the Rhone variety. The calcareous soil of the region allows the root of the plant to dig deep in the soil in search of natural moisture which ensures the balance of ripeness. The intense acids and tannin extracts make the transition from soft entry to slight heat.The Saxum Red Rhone blend is a rich and intense wine with a full body and a focus on complexity. The wine undergoes aging for 18 to 20 months in French barrels to give powerful intense flavors of blackberry, baked plum, and a tinge of rosemary. The aroma of the Saxum Red Rhone Blend is woody, intense and jammy with palpable hints of alcohol.


Since wine cultivation is prevalent in all corners of the world, there are vastly divergent varieties of wine. The reason for the broad range of varieties is due to the disparate soil and climatic conditions which influence the growth of grapes in vineyards. Wines can be sublimely fleeting and evolving with the passage of time and changing conditions.

Wines go through a period of aging in wooden barrels which can transform and develop the intricate flavors and aromas inside. If you are new to the world of wines, it is easy to feel overwhelmed due to the breadth and depth of the industry spanning across geographical boundaries and centuries of evolving practice.

There are so many fascinating and magnificent wines out there that it is a crime to keep drinking a single brand over and over again. There are several regions of the world, famous for their winemaking proficiency, such as South Africa, Napa Valley, Tuscany, and Chile.

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