7 Tips to Avoid People who Annoy you in Office

people who annoy you in office

We cannot control the world and especially the tongue of people. No way we can always live our way of life and make others shut their mouth when they try to get under our skin. But there are a few things that we can do to avoid others hamper our life. We can make our life more peaceful by not reacting to others all the time.

Tips to Avoid People who Annoy you in Office or Outside World?

  1. Stop Blaming yourself Always
    We often have a tendency to think ourselves the culprit, even though the mistake is not our own. Try to understand that in most of the cases people annoy us as they see us as a threat to their success. They consider us an obstacle in their way of progress or promotion. You need not to blame yourself for this, and no need to mold yourself according to them. If you are honest and true to yourself, just ignore others. Sometimes, it is a gender issue also where a male employee sees a woman employee a threat.
  2. Not Everything others say is Correct
    Many times when two or more people say the same thing about us, we consider it the truth. This is not always right and good for your health. Sometimes, when someone has a problem with us, he speaks bad about us with others and if those “others” also have the same issue with us, they will also utter bad about us which is quite natural.  Many times people tend to take the credit for your work. This is where you have to take a stand but in a more refined manner. So, do not consider yourself wrong always as it is their ego also many times that is making you wrong in the eyes of the world. So, just work, work and work!!!
  3. Stop Building Stories in your Mind
    Stop making stories in your mind for what others think or speak about yourself. Stop thinking “why they are saying this to me or I might have done this to them….blah blah blah”.  This will make your mind always full with negative thoughts. Just remember we cannot control what others speak and think about us, but we can always control our mind at least. Otherwise, this will make you angrier and lead you to the negative zone.
  4. We cannot expect others to Work according to us
    Stop expecting people to work as per your wish. Also, stop yourself to work as per their expectations. Do what is more suitable for you and the way you like to. Reach a place at a time that you want and walk or run at your post. Have your lunch or breakfast when your mind says, and also speak to others when your heart says so. Do not try to get noticed in a good way always by others. Everyone has his own pace of doing and achieving things.
  5. Think-not-React
    When someone is trying to getting over your head and controlling you, the thing the reason behind it. Stop just blaming or thinking yourself accountable for everything. The thing why that person is doing this to you only and if you find yourself in the mirror for the wrong, try to change that. But if you are not wrong, stop blaming yourself. Your habit of blaming yourself and not correcting the situations can sometimes lead you to the depression.
  6. Not Everyone has equal value in our Life
    Stop giving importance to every second person in your life. Not everyone is equally important with their views. Their views are their views and ours is ours. We are not build to obey everyone, so stop making yourself miserable all the time, otherwise, this will harm your own life.
  7. Tell others what Annoys you
    If someone is annoying you, give them a taste of the same. You also do the same and keep them annoying. They will sooner realize the same. There is no profit in behaving like a good person.

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