7 Tools You Need To Start DIY Home Renovation

It is always a hard decision to make on whether to hire a contractor to renovate your home or to do it yourself. Working on the home renovation on one’s own can be exciting and can spare you a lot of spending as well. In order to be able to handle the task tactfully, it is necessary to have all the important tools at your disposal. Thus, it is imperative to maintain a toolbox and stuff all those tools that shall assist you whenever you dive into the home renovation arena. Read on to find out about the basic yet needful tools you need to start with the task.


Almost all home renovation tasks require the use of pliers. They can be put into use for holding a certain object with a tight grip. They are designed in a way that amplifies the power of the hands to hold an object firmly. Cutting wires becomes easy with pliers, besides being commonly used for electrical activities. There is always a bad conductor of electricity like plastic or rubber attached to the handle of the plier, to give leverage to the operator for working risk-free.

Their other convenient functions include loosening nuts, extracting the nails out, plumbing, bending, and pinching wires. As per an article, some of the easily accessible types of pliers include locking and needle-nose.


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Measuring Tape

Since it is a one-time investment, make sure you buy an advanced measuring tape that can withstand adversities easily. It shall do a world of good for you if you purchase the one that does not retract back the moment you leave the tape after extending it.

Accurate measurements are a must when it comes to hanging a picture, laying boundaries, gauge the amount of space an object shall take, find the area of a room or a wall, and measure the size of a wire.


What do you do when the electricity goes or when you are to work at a dim place, such as the basement? There is no need to halt the task in these situations provided you have a torch or a flashlight handy with you. It helps you handle the job and provides a sense of clarity up close.

According to an article, flashlights that are fitted with LED bulbs are costlier but function for more hours as compared to the other regular light. Make sure you invest in one which has a good battery backup and can run for hours without dimming down.

Drilling Machine

Your idea for home renovation might involve hanging a picture on the wall, hiding a set of wires from the outward appearance by preparing a passage for them, woodworking, and metalworking. In order to perform these tasks with efficiency, a drilling machine comes into the picture. Search for one that can allow you to change speeds easily, fast and slow both according to the need and has a good battery backup.


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When it comes to buying a suitable toolbox for storing all your tools, fire bags present a viable option due to its space, lightness, and ease of handling.


Home renovations involve the additions of the new things and the destruction or the removal of the old. This is where you can put a sledgehammer into use. Be it a superfluous wall, a wooden object, a brick structure, or anything hard, the sledgehammer has the ability to break, bend, and ease the task of disposing of the unrequired objects due to the brute force they produce.


You can’t afford to ignore the unreachable areas of your house if your aim is to beautify it holistically. These unreachable areas might include the wall ceilings, false ceilings, the top shelf of the cupboard, or even the panels of the curtains. These places are difficult to access, which necessitates the applications of ladders.

Some of the things to consider before buying one must its sturdiness, its ability to stand on a particular position for hours, the attachment for the toolbox, and a space to fix your paint box when you go on for a whitewash of the walls.

Utility Knife

Sometimes, scissors can prove to be helpful when it comes to doing a cutting job. For instance, opening the tape of the boxes, wallpaper trimming, sharpening a pencil, and wood shaving become easier if done with a utility knife. Besides, it is also highly safe to operate, due to the fact that it can be extended if and when the requirement arises. Having a sharp utility knife handy makes umpteen number of tasks achievable.


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It is not enough to just have the tools at your disposal. It is equally imperative to know how to use them in order to facilitate the operation and ensure the safety of the individual. In case you contract wounds, iodine can prove to be an antiseptic agent and enhance the process of healing as per the findings of a study.

Although there are many more tools that you add to your collection, the above-said are some of the most important ones. These come into operation almost every time you take the up the objective of renovating your home. Thus, make sure you gather them before you begin with your goal of making your home look absolutely beautiful.

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