How A Sound Engineer Can Improve Your Event

How sound engineer can improve event

If you’re looking into hosting or holding an event on your premises, there will always be a lot of planning and testing that will need to be done. There will be groups of people trained and dedicated to constructing different parts of the event, they are needed to significantly increase the quality of it. But is a sound engineer necessary, and will sound services actually benefit the event?

What Does a Sound Engineer Do?

A sound or audio engineer, also known as a sound technician, is someone who deals with the acoustics and sound technicalities for an event or performance. They are responsible for recording and creating sound using audio equipment. Their job is to make sure that the sound in an event sounds as good as possible, to keep the quality of the audio high and consistent. Usually, they set up the audio equipment too for the event which can be very important and must be done right.

Isn’t It Just a Case Of Plugging Things In?

There are many people in the world who may be oblivious to the difference in quality there is to sound depending on whether a sound engineer has worked on it or not. In this day and age, we’re surrounded by music wherever we go. We hear music at festivals, on social media, on the radio, there’s no escaping music. We can sit there and appreciate the quality of the music; how good it sounds from all of these different musical artists. However, we don’t usually think about how different the music sounds through the making of it. Nearly all popular music artists have sound engineers to help them with their music, to increase the quality of it so much more. Not only can sound engineers work on pre-recorded music, they also set up and work on live performances, too.

The Perfect Example Of How Sound Can Change

Click here to view a video that shows the differences between using audio engineering to mix music, and not using audio engineering. In the video, Paul shows how much of a difference it actually makes and describes it simple enough to understand. If you can’t watch the video, he answers the simple question “What does a mix do?” very well, and easy enough to understand. He refers to it like making food. All of the “ingredients” in a live event could refer to any instruments, vocals, even the acoustics of the venue itself. Whether the event is musical or otherwise does not matter, but you can use all the “ingredients” together and it’ll work, but the quality would not be the best. You must put planning, time and effort into it. For example, if you baked two cakes, using the same ingredients but different amounts, then they would come out drastically different. People would prefer the one of  higher quality, with more effort and time spent into checking and testing ingredient amounts, rather than one that was just cobbled together.

It’s Not An Easy Job – But It’s Worth Doing

A sound engineer’s job isn’t easy, and for good reason. They work for hours to ensure the quality is the highest it can be. If you’re hosting an event, your venue, depending on the event and amount of people attending, may be large or small. This means the audio at your event, if not set up properly could echo terribly or the sound itself may not reach the back, which may mean people miss out on the music, the atmosphere or even parts of an important announcement – leading to not only a lack of enjoyment, but also a loss in your revenue if they decided not to attend the next event.



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