Here’s what mechanics take a look at during pink slip investigations!

Whether you are registering your new vehicle for the first time, or you have used it for a number of years, you may need to get a pink slip investigation done. Such an investigation is nothing short of a legal requirement, and no car owner can do without it. Without a pink slip investigation done, your car will not be able to get rightfully registered. Also, depending upon the age, make, and condition of your car, these inspections could be a breeze to pass. That too with flying colours!

Contradicting the name, a pink slip isn’t essentially pink. It’s simply a safety certificate issued by your mechanic that states your car is in good working condition and is worthy for the roads. If your car is over a certain age, generally 5 years, you might need to get a pink slip investigation done in order to register your car. Your mechanic will inspect your vehicle thoroughly, and give his verdict — whether it’s a pass, or certain repairs are needed. The mechanic will also have to submit a copy of the inspection to the Roads and Maritime Services. You could go for the prescribed repairs and again book the pink slip investigation. And in case your car scores full points, you have duration of 42 days to get your car registered.  So, to prevent the act of illegally driving around an unregistered vehicle, you need to go in for a pink slip inspection. Kismet Mechanical is such an authorized and accredited inspection centre who has their team of professional mechanics to provide pink slip checking. They run your car through various checks and tests and ensure that your car is fit to hit the roads.

What mechanics are required to look at and verify during pink slip checks

One of the big headaches about owning a car is the need to register and re-register it every few years. Now, a big and crucial part of that process is going for a mandatory inspection of the vehicle by any trusted, mobile car service. It basically ensures and establishes the fact that your car is safe for the road. So, these are the things that your local mechanic takes a look at when you take your car for the official inspection:

  • Windshield: You should look for any cracks, chips, or loose seals in the windshield as they are considered to be serious hazards. So, if you have any, be sure to get it repaired in time.
  • Functioning of lights: We aren’t necessarily talking about only headlights here. Beyond headlights, there are also side lights, emergency flashers, brake lights, high beams, backup lights etc. which should be functioning properly.
  • Tyre condition: You should know that old, worn down tyres are never going to make you pass that inspection. Get new tires before the inspection takes place. Also, ensure that the spare tyre is in good condition. All the tires of the vehicle should be of the same size and not random in size.
  • Working brakes: Brakes are one of the most important features in a car and is responsible for the safety of the passengers. Get your brake pads replaced if needed much ahead of time. Also, the emergency brake should be working properly. Otherwise, the mechanic is not going to give you the green flag.
  • Fluid leakages: Fluid leakage issues could sometimes pose serious health hazards to the people in the car and hence is an important checkpoint for the mechanics. Make sure to check for any leaks before taking it for the inspection.

So, before you take your car for the pink slip check, make sure that you check the car as a whole. These inspections are done to make sure that your car is not falling apart, and as you drive down the road, you don’t put yourself and others at risk. So, take this safety inspection as seriously as you would want other drivers to take theirs.


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