Acid Reflux Cough-What does Heartburn Feel Like


Common reasons behind the occurrence of an acid reflux

There are ample causes that lead to heartburn and allied discomforting disorders. The regurgitation of food forces acidic contents out from the stomach through the pyloric sphincter towards the esophagus. The upward flow of partially digested food can cause acid reflux cough. Coughing up food particles which is associated with a stinging sensation near the throat is the prominent symptom of acid reflux. Usually the food that comes out has a sour or bitter taste.

Altering Habits for reducing the chances of acid reflux

Food habits are generally held as the main culprit behind acid reflux but quotidian habits or undetected ailments can unknowingly causes this problem. A few of these treatable problems are given below:

  • Obesity is one prime issue that negatively affects the metabolism of the body which in turn causes acid reflux.
  • Caffeine containing drinks, carbonated soft drinks and alcohol can potentially cause acid reflux.
  • Eating too much food in one particular meal puts pressure on the stomach during digestion which can also lead to acid reflux.
  • Going to bed right away after having a meal like lunch or dinner allows the churned food in the stomach to flow back into the esophagus.
  • Cigarette is known for many harmful effects on the lungs but it is also factor that causes acid reflux.
  • Having sugary snacks or chocolate after supper or before sleeping will impact the digestion procedure which might lead to acid reflux.

If an individual is continuously suffering from acid reflux issues then it is suitable to make appropriate alterations in the daily routine for ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

The causing agent of the pain related to heartburn

When the masticated material that reaches the stomach from the mouth is not digested properly it leads to regurgitation this can cause heart burn. Many people wonder What Does Heartburn Feel Like; some even confuse it with the warning sign of a heart attack. However it is always better to say cautious and be alert at all instances. The wrong flow of semi digested food into the esophagus causes shooting pain in the chest area. This is also followed by vomiting. The acidic nature of the liquid that contains the food contents from the stomach is the main agent that causes pain. The inner lining of the esophagus is very delicate. When the corrosive acid reaches the esophagus it sears the tissues of the lining. As the acid moves upward and reaches the chest area the pain seems to be localized near the heart. But in actuality it is the radiating pain from the irritated esophagus.

Avoiding known acid reflux causing food products

The distinctive food products which are known to potentially trigger an acid reflux include the following:

  • Citrus fruits that is naturally acidic
  • Food items that releases serotonin like chocolate
  • Foods that aggravate acid reflux like garlic and also onions.

The reversal in the movement of food contents affects the tender stomach lining which can cause permanent damage. Hence it is better to make significant changes in the daily routine as well as the food habits for reducing acid reflux.

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