Add Your Name First in the List of Your Priorities

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This is true that we all have a fundamental right to decide our priorities in life but how many of us remember to think about us in-lieu-of our responsibilities?

From getting up early in the morning, to the time you finally hit back to the bed in night, there are so many things one do. We make a list of our priorities and try to follow and finish it on daily basis. But in the process always forget to think about us.  We forget to add our name in that list of priorities that we have made.

Have you ever added yourself in the priority list that you create for others?

Why we often ignore ourselves and try to do that is good for others?

Thinking and doing for others is good but to add your name to the list of your priorities is better for yourself.

Life is an endless journey and we often run behind one thing to another. Especially, if you are a woman (working or non-working both), it’s very difficult to get freedom from your daily chores. Taking care of family along with balancing your career is a great deal, really!!

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In this hectic schedule of busy life it is often possible that we get frustrated and the life becomes tensed. It is very important to create a balance in the daily tasks and taking care of yourself. If this goes on for a longer time and you keep on ignoring yourself, chances are that this can create a very negative impact on your overall personality. So, trust us and give some time to yourself also.

We should make a list of our priorities and add some time to ourselves. Always add your name first in your own list of priorities and everything else should be secondary.

4 Tips to Prioritize Yourself

  1. Get Up Early in the Morning with Rising Sun
    We get up early in the morning to pack-up lunch boxes for kids, making breakfast and for serving other family members. For this we set time on alarm clock and our daily routine starts with the ringing of alarm clock.Remember to give at-least 15 minutes in this list to your self. For this, try to set your alarm clock 15 minutes before the daily time that you set. This way you will get 15 extra minutes which will be yours only. You can sit idle on the bed for those 15 minutes or can do some simple walking or mediated. You can plan your day’s activities also in those 15 minutes.Go to the garden or the terrace and feel the sound of chirping birds.Experience the rising rays of sun and take deep breaths. This will sure make your day fresh and you will feel energetic the day.

    This way you added your name first in the first list of priorities of the day by reserving at-least 15 minutes for yourself.

  2. Set Your Priorities Day Wise
    We often jumble our work and end up with doing nothing productive. So, setting up priorities always plays an important role in improving efficiency. It helps in setting healthy mind-set too and helps us in giving our time to do a particular task.Concentrate on those tasks first which are more important. Only use your mind and time on those things which are more important at a particular time. If you have tasks of least priorities, try to take help from others also. But always do high priority tasks with full concentration and your involvement.There is nothing wrong in taking help from others, as this way you can lower pressure from your shoulders. For example if you are late in the evening from office, you can order food from outside and not preparing yourself.Taking help from others make you feel little less burden and make others realize their share of responsibilities.
  3. Give Fuel to you Lost Hobbies
    We give importance to our kid’s and family’s interests but never try to reignite the lost hobby of our past. People especially women give up their hobbies once get married. Thinking and spending their lives for their families is the first thing that comes in their mind always. Fulfilling responsibilities never mean to give away your hobbies and interests.

    If you add your hobby with your responsibilities, you would be able to remove pressure from your life to a larger extent. For example if you love music, you can listen it while doing household work. Or if has reading hobby, then can carried some books while travelling to office. Hobbies bring spark to your boring life and one starts feeling more energetic and his life more worthy.Therefore, it is good to set your name in the priority list of starting or restarting the hobbies before encouraging others.

  4. Have a Get Together with Your Loved Ones
    Our relative often come to our home to have lunch or dinner, and we have to entertain them always with good ways. We also attend social functions like marriages, parties etc. but never think to spare some alone time with our loved ones. How many of us try to find our old friends and connect with them again?It is always good to share your thoughts or your problems with the ones you trust. Add to the small group of people in your society or connect your school or college friends to your network again.

    Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. have made it very easy to search your friends online.Give some time to your friend circle, arrange a kitty or go out on eating outside with them. You can explore many new things with them. Everyone has his own sets of problems and when we share our concerns or problems with them, we come to know that it’s not only we alone who have problems.

    The world is full of problems and who knows who can help in your shedding your own. So try to share your problem with others, they might have the solutions. Keeping problem within always create depression and invite diseases.Connecting with old friends and improving your network makes you feel worth and learn many new things and sharing old memories. This way you also have a bunch of friends of your choice with whom want to share time rather than with relatives only.


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