Addiction of Anything is Bad

Addiction is a thing that is commonly taken in a negative way. Actually, when we say addiction then people start thinking that it is due to alcohol, narcotic drugs, tea, coffees etc. But here we want to strongly emphasis on the fact that addiction can be used both in good or bad way. Like in mine case, I always used to be a casual type of person, who always thought that nothing bad could happen to me. In office, I used to have lot of coffee/teas, processed foods. All these have adversely affected my body. In order to contain these health hazards, I started doing yoga and adopted healthy eating habits. Since then, I have got addicted to this and now I am always keen in including as much activities as I could in my daily routine.

Addiction of Cigarettes

Addiction of Anything is Bad

Healthy living should be everyone’s target and mission. Being healthy means you are securing your future. Many people develop addiction towards bad habits which is not good in any respect. Addiction is something when one finds difficult to get rid of. There are many types of addiction like drug, exercise, alcohol, tobacco, love, gambling etc. Addiction of anything is not considered good. To some extent addiction is good as it provides motivation to carry out a task but most of the times, it works in other way.

In future, we would cover different types of addiction and their effect on people and society as a whole. When someone gets addicted to bad thing like narcotics or drinking habits, then his future gets destroyed. Being a healthy mindset, one should try to avoid any kind of addiction. Today many people and adults are seen watching porn and indulging in such activities. This should be prohibited


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