Why Mental Health is more important to beat Depression symptoms

Depression is dangerous than most of the dreadful diseases. It is related directly to what goes inside your mind. Your mind is the ultimate power that can drive you to a successful path or a failure.

Importance of Mental Health in Depression

When a person is suffering with some body part ailment, it is visible to others from the symptoms. But when a person is going through depression, it is very difficult sometimes to know about this. Depression is a game of mind. A mind that instructs a human body to do what it wants to.

A perfect energetic youth can appear happy from outside but he is also into the hands of his mind and any single negative thought can lead him to the depression. Since our school times we are told to achieve high grades to get top position. For this we learn, memorize the already written answers rather by the teachers. Many students would not dare to move even a single word from here to there in the answer they have learnt. They feel this way teacher would not give them full marks.

Competition starts in the school itself. During nursery admission, parents boast about their kids ranking. But this can lead to depression for both the parents and their kids. As, if the admission list does not have the name of their child they would feel useless as a parent.

I am a mother of three kids and have seen a lot of things.  My childhood was not that good or can say very happy. My parents would rarely involve us into any discussion or taking any decision. My decision making ability was totally zero until few years back too.

I have seen my mother beaten by my father many times and she would say nothing to him. She always blamed us and herself for any kind of brutality.

I remember how my husband has also slapped me and abused many times. His daily habit of drinking is something that was totally something new to me as none in my family before marriage would every talk about drinking or had tasted it. I have lost my precious years of life living into depression and alone. Everybody in the in-laws know about this but no one has every come to my rescue. There were days when I would daily cry alone miserably.

Now it has become a daily routine to get up, take care of family and kids. I have compromised with the situation as I cannot change it and nor I can run away from it. I think my mother has a very every lasting impact on me. I have seen her beaten and crying so that my mind has become stronger now.

I also suffer depression but can’t quit. I also get feelings of depression but every time I convince my mind to ignore them. I have come so far leaving all those negative feelings behind. Still I get negative feelings but every time I convince my mind not to boggle and just stop thinking about them, take a pause and move next.

Now the situation is that I daily ask for the current thought in my mind and compare with my earlier thought. I see how far I have come and how far I would go. My kids are the strength but they have their own life. I don’t have the right to spoil them.

I was able to survive with depression and coming out of it successfully because had seen more than this in the childhood and in my marriage. But I think those who are not mentally fit have to face the battle more fiercely.

It is very important to know the initial symptoms of depression before it reaches the borderline.

Early signs of Depression

  1. Feeling of loneliness
  2. May look happier to others but aloof alone
  3. A feeling of others taking credit of own’s good work
  4. Feeling of worthless or not of any use
  5. Feeling of betrayal by everyone all the time
  6. Not willing to exercise most of the times
  7. Feel energetic many times and low the very other second
  8. Staring at one place most of the time
  9. Keeping distance from the loved ones
  10. No more affected by people’s not giving attention
  11. Stop asking for help
  12. Stop calling others
  13. Continuous thoughts in the mind about people thinking about yourself
  14. Show anger on the kids by beating them
  15. Abusive behavior

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