All you Need to Know About Harms of Low Creatinine Levels


Creatinine is a waste product that comes from the normal wear and tear on muscles of the body as a result of muscles use.  Everyone has creatinine in their bloodstream and low levels of creatinine in the body could be sign that the muscles or your liver is not working properly. When someone has a liver or muscles diseases, level of creatinine should be checked. Many times heavy exercises can also result into this.

Thus, we can say that creatinine is a chemical blood waste that is generated when ever we use our muscles.

It’s kidney that filters creatinine from urine when it reaches to it from bloodstream. But if the kidneys are not working properly, chances are the higher level of creatinine build-up in the body. High level of creatinine results into a life-threatening diseases known as Uremia.

Creatinine is always present in the bloodstream with amino-acids and its removal from body is the responsibility of kidneys. It leaves the body with urine.

This means neither very low nor very high level of creatinine is safe for our life. When the level is very low its a sign of muscle loss and when it is high uremia occurs along with other complications. Low level of creatinine could occur in old age or special needs of body like in pregnancy or lack of food.

More often, low creatinine levels are a sign of losing muscle mass as people age, or it is a temporary condition during pregnancy or periods of illness, or due to malnutrition.


Causes of Low Level of creatinine in Body?

  1. Low creatinine levels can happen in your body when there is some muscle damage which could be a result of wear and tear due to heavy exercises
  2. Low creatinine could be a symbol that your liver is damaged. Creatinine is made in liver and unhealthy liver is not able to make the required measure of creatinine needed by body
  3. Certain conditions like pregnancy, ageing or growing years of child could result into low creatinine levels
  4. Low muscle mass
  5. Poor diet is also one of the reason behind low creatinine levels in body

Symptoms or Signs of Low Creatinine

  1. Body fatigue, muscle pain
  2. Pain in the right-side of the abdomen due to inflammation in liver
  3. Reduce weight or thinning of body
  4. Nausea or vomiting
  5. Dizziness

How to Improve Creatinine?

  1. One can have more non-vegetarian food as creatinine is found in meat. So those follow a vegetarian diet have normally low-level of creatinine in their body
  2. Avoid fasting or not eating food for a longer time. This could be a loss of muscle and thus the low measure of creatinine
  3. Avoid alcohol as it affects liver which is responsible for creatinine formation
  4. One can take creatinine from supplements available in the market

It is always important to keep up a proper level of creatinine in body. Too low means there is the problem with muscles and relate to liver, muscles or poor diet. Many times ageing also causes creatinine low-level which is  natural. And if it happens due to high exercise which causes damage to muscles, simply taking some supplements can also cut the loss. But if the level of creatinine is very high that means the kidney would not able to get rid of waste products and cleaning of blood.

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