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e-visa of India

If we go by the work that our government has done in the field of travel and tourism, e-Visa would perhaps be one of the best thing among others.

Indian Nationals now can apply for tourist visas online without making rounds of any embassy.

We remember how we had to visit an embassy every time we needed visa or would go for an agent help.

The hassle-free process of e-Visa reduces the time consumed in the process. Also, the way the things are moving, it seems the stamped visas would become a thing of the past.

What is an e-Visa?

e-Visa refers to the visa that we get electronically by applying online. e-Visa does not have any stamp or any other label like the normal visa has.

The absence of stamp does not mean it is not valid, as it allows you the access to the countries in the same way as the normal visa does.

e-Visa does not require any intermediary and is fully done online.

Who is Eligible for e-Visa?

  1. e-Visa is not applicable to Diplomatic/Official Passport Holders.
  2. International travelers who want to visit India for the following reasons can apply for e-Visa
    Sight Seeing
    Medical treatment for short duration
    business meetings (casual ones)
    Visiting friends or relatives in India
  3. The applicant passport of the e-Visa applicant should have at-least two blank pages for the Immigration Officer stamp.
  4. International applicant should have return ticket also for his journey.
  5. The International applicant should have sufficient money to spend during the stay in India

Requirements for e-Visa?

In order to apply for e-Visa Online, the scanned copies of the following documents need to be uploaded online in the application form.

  • Passport size photograph
  • Copy of your passport the information page
  • Fully filled application form that you had downloaded from the official website and then filled with your answers and saved as the PDF.

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Which Indian Airports accept the e-Visa?

  1. Ahmedabad
  2. Amritsar
  3. Bagdogra
  4. Bengaluru
  5. Calicut
  6. Chennai
  7. Chandigarh
  8. Cochin
  9. Coimbatore
  10. Delhi
  11. Gaya
  12. Goa
  13. Guwahati
  14. Hyderabad
  15. Jaipur
  16. Kolkata
  17. Lucknow
  18. Mangalore
  19. Mumbai
  20. Nagpur
  21. Pune
  22. Tiruchirapalli
  23. Trivandrum

Countries offer Electronic e-Visa to Indians?

  1. Myanmar
  2. Cambodia
  3. Bahrain
  4. Sri Lanka
  5. Kenya
  6. Malaysia
  7. Turkey
  8. Vietnam

Dangers of e-Visa

It is advised not to fall into the trap of agents who claim they can grant e-Visa and ask for money in-lieu-of this.

Also, never share your information with any other website by putting your personal data there. The only official website of e-Visa is

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