Top 5 Drinks to Enjoy While Traveling

Traveling is a refreshing activity that lets you see the world as well as its beauty. You get to enjoy different cuisines, both local and international, as well as various drinks. Most people focus so much on the scenery that they forget what they are having is also essential. Remember, your travels are as good as the drinks you have. That is why this piece highlights the top 5 drinks to enjoy while traveling.

drinks while traveling

  1. Yerba Mate

    If you are traveling to North America, it is only fair that you try the fantastic Yerba Mate. It is one of the top drinks around the world that you are surely going to love. We bet you for this!!

    Yerba Mate comes from the leaves of the holly tree, which is a South American rainforest. The manufacturers steep the leaves in hot water and make them through other processes before getting the famous drink. You can find it more precisely in countries like Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina.

    The beauty of Yerba Mate is that you get to enjoy it in hollow gourds. You can also choose to use a metallic straw. It is not only incredible but also enjoyable, thus making you have a refreshing time throughout. Don’t forget to sip the Yerba Mate when you visit North America.

  2. Sangria

    Sangria is a popular drink in Spain and many other countries in the region. The mixology combines chopped fruits, wine, orange juice, maple syrup as the base ingredients. You can also add other spirits, to come up with a better taste. Some people use Stella Rosa Black to add a twist to the palate.  The drink guarantees extra pleasure and enjoyment.


    There is no best way to enjoy Spain as a traveler than having a glass of Sangria with your friends or family as well as several locals who are often vibrant and welcoming. The drink also has a tinge of natural citrus fruit that is going to give you the kick you want and make you enjoy every sip you take. To enjoy Sangria, all you have to do is visit one of the bars or pubs in Spain. The taste is stunning.

  3. Baileys Original

    Everyone loves a drink that comes with a unique combination of rich cream and coffee, among other great ingredients. That is why you should not miss sipping Baileys anytime you are in Ireland. The ingenious blend is famous for its creation process, including the collection of ingredients and its bottling. It is among the best international drinks that everyone loves to have.

    Baileys Original

    The rich cream comes from cows that only graze in select sites. The coffee, however, undergoes sorting to get the best. Another ingredient that enhances the taste of the drink is Cointreau. Sipping the famous and unique Ireland drink is going to make your travels amazing and memorable. You can also carry a bottle with you and enjoy some with your friends back at home.

  4. Dark ‘n’ Stormy

    Countries such as Ireland, Scotland, and even England have an idea of why you should taste Dark ‘n’ Stormy. Just like its name suggests, the drink is dark, thanks to one of its ingredients, which is dark rum. It is the type of drink that brings people together to enjoy the incredible ginger taste and rum feel. Dark ‘n’ Stormy is perfect for enjoyment, and you can get it from any of the existing pubs, bars, or any other entertainment joint that sells liquor.

    Dark ‘n’ Stormy

    Everything about dark and stormy is enthralling. The combination of unique ingredients is excellent. The ginger beer gives it a unique taste that you can’t help but gallop with excitement. You can also get to enjoy other excellent drinks in the area, but don’t miss out on a special drink such as Dark ‘n’ Stormy.

  5. Air Mata Kucing

    Malaysia is not only famous for its rooftop bars but also excellent drinks such as their very own Air Mata Kucing. The drink has ingredients such as longan and dry rock sugar, which gives it the sweet taste. It is one of the few places you can have an excellent time as you enjoy a cold glass of the tasty drink. Air Mata Kucing is both refreshing and stunning. The golden recipe for the drink is what makes it one of the best drinks to have as you travel around the world. It tends to make you have a relaxing feel that is not going to drain off anytime soon. Once you land in your hotel or guest house, make an order of Air Mata Kucing and enjoy the blend.

Those are the best drink recipes from around the world that you cannot miss. Each of them comes from unique ingredients that are certainly going to give you a great time. Consider the country you are visiting and if any of the above drinks are available there, have a glass and unwind.


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