Asha Parekh loved Nasir Hussain but did not marry him

Asha Parekh

In the latest launch of her autobiography, the actress-director-producer, Asha Parekh revealed about the person she loved but did not marry.

According to the talented actress, it was Nasir Hussain who she had ever loved in her life but did not marry as she did not want to break the family.

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She has mentioned about this in her released autobiography, “The Hit Girl”. She said, “I was never a homebreaker. There was never any ill will between me and Nasir Saab’s family. In fact, I was so happy to see Nusrat (Hussain’s daughter) and Imran Khan (grandson) at my book launch. I feel I’ve lived my life decently and without hurting anyone.”

Asha Parekh was brought into the film industry in the year 1959 with a film, “Dil Deke Dekho” by Nasir Hussain. They collaborated together on several fimls which were hit of the time like “Teesri Manzil”, Carava

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