Best Facebook Features Everyone Should Know

Best Facebook Features

Facebook is a popular social network website that was launched on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg along with his fellow Harvard College students. Today, it has become the principal digital media of social networking.

Initially, the membership of the website was restricted to Harvard College students only which was later opened for the world.

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Since 2006, anyone above age 13 years can become a registered member on Facebook, and can use its services.

Owing to its few of the best amazing features, Facebook has left behind many of similar social networking websites and apps.

There are so many things you can do on that you probably which you might not be heard of.

  1. Facebook Sponsored Ads

    Facebook offers sponsored ads for your products or websites. If you are a blogger or have a website of products, Facebook is a market-place for you to promote them.

    Facebook offers a new feature of adding multi-product ads. With multi-product ads of Facebook, you can rotate several products in one ad. This is far better than the traditional ads of Facebook where the description of products would be added in the display URL.

  2. Facebook Live Videos

    The newly added feature of Facebook Live Videos has been welcomed by most of the users in a positive way. It does not need any more app to be installed on your phone. You can find the Live Video prompt under “Update Status” in the mobile app.

  3. Modified Timeline

    With the introduction of new features in Timeline, your content, new friends, pictures are presenting in a better way than before. This seems to be better in terms of functionality and looks better than the old wall.


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  1. Notifications

    You can easily turn-off notifications anytime by making use of “settings” tab. Earlier when this feature was not introduced, friend request for games like candy Crush or Farmville would always pop-up in Facebook account. May be the Facebook has also realized that we also have many things in life to look for rather than always be informed about what is going on with your friends.

  2. Facebook Shopping Tab

    This could prove to be a competitor service to Google or Amazon Marketplace.Facebook added a “buy” button for e-commerce partners to allow them to sell products on Facebook through Shopify.

    Similar to Google’s shopping tab, Facebook has also rolled out a shopping tab to allow users with paid results.

  3. Publish Content instantly on Facebook

    Facebook provides a feature to Android and iOS users that allows publishers to publish their content and distribute and viewed directly. But this feature works on Facebook App only and not on website.

    This feature can give a tough fight to Snapchat and Apple News which are also into the same business.

  4. Get to know where you are logged in

    We can open our Facebook account from our computer or from any other device. Facebook offers a service to let you know exactly where we have logged in, and also whether we ever logged out or not. The benefit of this service is that if you are logged in from your computer and someone has logged in with your account on other device at the same time, you would easily come to know about this.

    You can enable this feature by just going to Settings>Security and login>. It will show you the list of all the devices your account was logged in under heading “Where you’re logged in”.

  5. Relationship Status

    With this additional feature, it would be easier to know the status of your Facebook friend (should be in your friend list): married, single, engaged, or in an open relationship.

  6. Facebook Messenger for sending files

    Dropbox has tied up with Facebook as a team to allow sharing of files through it.Not many Facebook users know that they can download Dropbox and Messenger Apps on their mobile device to share the files

    How does Facebook Messenger work?

    – Download the Messenger App on your mobile device

    -Open the downloaded App

    – Select your contact to send the files

    – Tap the More button and select the file you want to send.

    – Once the Dropbox download the file, it is ready to send

    — Go back to Messenger App and tap the Send option

  1. Embed-in-Post

    When we post a video, picture or any article in Facebook, the linked content is delivered in the post. This does not require that post to be linked as it creates a link by itself.

  2. Events

    You can use this feature to update about the events or celebrations happening around you. There are two types of events you can add: Private and Public. Following is a list of few of the events that Facebook allows to add:

    2. Ticket Buying
    3. RSVPs
    4. Photos
    5. Check-ins
    6. Browse Invitations
    7. Schedules

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