Best Tips to Upload Photos on Facebook in High Quality


Facebook is one of the strongest medium of sharing your thoughts, photos or videos with your friends and the world. One of the best features of Facebook is posting photos of friends, family or events.

Most of the people have smart phones now a days, so uploading pictures has become easily.

Do you also love uploading your photo on Facebook? If yes, we would like to share few tips you can follow before uploading photos.

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Many times we upload our photos but when it is published the result is different. The published photo is different from the photo you actually uploaded.

Facebook has around 40 million users and them all share messages, photos and videos. To handle such a huge data, Facebook has to get a lot of server space otherwise, the data would crash. Moreover, more the data uploaded on Facebook lesser the application would become.

Recommended Dimensions of the Facebook Photos to be Uploaded

Facebook automatically changes the dimension of the photos uploaded to save the data size.

Default size of a regular photo is 720px, 920px, 2048px. While, for cover photo the default size is 851x315px. To resize the photo to the above dimensions, Facebook compresses the original photo that lowers its quality too. As a result of this, the final photo we get is not of the same quality as the one you uploaded.

Tips to Upload Your Photos on Facebook in High Quality

  • Search for the original default size of Facebook before uploading any picture
  • Facebook allows maximum 110kb size of photo to upload
  • In photo editor select save for web and save your photo in JPEG format rather than RGB format
  • Facebook gives offers a checkbox to select box for “high quality”, so select that to upload your photo in high quality. This can improve the quality of the photo you upload
  • Resize your photo to the following sizes:
    For Regular photos: 720px, 960px or 2048px wide
    For Cover photos: 851×315



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