Dilpreet Kaur is the Calculator Girl of India


Students and professionals use calculator to make quick calculations, but what if a girl can do all these without using calculator?

Yes, India has got its girl calculator, Dilpreet Kaur, who has been recorded in the Limca Books of Records to be published in 2016 for making calculator like calculations.

calculator girlDilpreet Kaur has got great mathematical talent in solving complicated problems,  and solved around 100 division sums in just 96 seconds,  which helped her in getting her name recorded in the book.

According to a news published on Times of India, father of Dilpreet Kaur told, “We received a call from the record book authorities on 20th August,  2015 for the submission of her name in the record book. On October 29, they apprised us through e-mail about the title achieved by our daughter.”

Dilpreet is very young of her age in solving such high level complex mathematics problems,  and was studying in only class VIII in Huddard High School at the time of her record. Her parents are teachers and she gave credits to them as they inhibited the habit of learning in her since very small age.

When questioned, her father said, “We would arrange for her practice sheets and she would solve nearly 5, 000 sums daily which brought her laurels.”. He further said, “Solving sums has almost become a passion for my daughter and to improve her brain’s ability, we guided her to follow ancient abacus theory to do mathematical functions like multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, cube root etc.”

Mother of Dilpreet, Simran Kaur said,” Dilpreet is not going to stop here only as after registering this record, she is all set to make a new record. She has solved one digit 100 row addition in just 21 seconds.”

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