Chand Burke-Bollywood Actress, Dancer and Grandmother of Ranveer Singh

Do you know Chand Burke who was one of the famous actress of bollywood of her time. But do you know she was also the grandmother of Ranveer Singh.

Yes, many people think that Ranveer Singh did not have any filmi background which is not true. She  has had a grandma  decades ago who was equally good in acting and dancing as he is.

Chand Burke was born in a christian family in Pakistan. She was the youngest of all 12 siblings and was perfect in almost everything be it dancing, acting, studies, academics etc.

Chand Burke who made her debut in 1945 in a movie later shifted to Bombay after Indo-Pakistan partition in 1947. She worked in many Punjabi movies in Lahore, Pakistan and was a very good dancer. She would do any form of dance equally well and was known as “The  Dancing Lily of the Punjab”.

Raj Kapoor gave her first break in Hindi Movies in a movie “Boot Polish”. She married to Surinder Singh Bhavnani in 1957 which was her second marriage. Together they had two kids; a girl and a boy. The girl is settled in US while son is a big business in Mumbai.

Chand had a grand son, “Ranveer Singh” who is the famous actor in Bollywood. She always wanted one of her kids to become an actor but none of the two chose acting. She was very happy when Ranveer Singh chose acting and he is ofcourse doing very good too.

Chand Burke has also a relation with Kapoor family. She is the wife of Sonam Kapoor’s mother, Sunita. In that way she was also the maternal grandmother or Sonam Kapoor.


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