Connecting World with the Power of Words!!!

Power of Words!!!

A Word is one of the most powerful tool people use to criticize or praise others. We believe its only words that connect the world, join the two souls. The words need not to be said or uttered, you can connect with its power in writing or through eyes also.
There is no other power bigger than the power of words. It can create peace and the same time create havoc and wars in the world.

Words give shapes and mold ideas to give actions. These are often considered more powerful than any other form of art as are more expressive and easy in connecting.

A powerful speech charged with words can fuel your actions. Who can understand the words better than a mother and her infant child. The mother sings lullabies and tell stories to him, knowing that he does not understand any language and is far beyond in knowing any language grammar. But its the love in her words that make her child cry, smile and peacefully sleep.

People often say its their life and they can say and do anything. But no, thought its your life but the impact of your words can create or destroy someone’s life. So, be careful while using any words.

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