Designer tiles: An elegant fashion statement for your house

designer tiles
If you have recently purchased a home or are planning to remodel your house, besides choosing the best color the other thing that must be in your mind is selecting the best tiles. Tiles can transform the look of your rooms completely. Being a permanent fixture fixing it or replacing it at later point of time is a big challenge.

Purchasing simple tiles is not a challenge, but it will also not give the desired style statement to your house. If you want an elegant fashion statement for your home, you need to opt for designer tiles, and London Tile Company is an excellent place where you can get any tile of your taste and preference.

Some of the best ideas for you

  • Jade Tiles Design

Fashion statement comes at a cost, and if you are ready to bear it, you must go for the jade tiles designs. They look best in the hall giving it the most desired elegant look and enhancing the charm of the room which welcomes your guests. They are available in small designs, but you can also purchase one big tile that covers the entire hall space. Being very hard and user-friendly, they are stain and scratch resistant. You can use these tiles without any fear of damage and even keep hot items on them.

  • Small Mosaic Tiles

You might be having a small room in the house, but that doesn’t mean you cannot design it. Small mosaic tiles are of one inch and smaller and they can be conveniently installed in small areas. They are available in different patterns, colors, and designs and look spectacular. Also, being small they have better grip and grout lines, and they are very well-suited for moisture-prone bathrooms.

  • Brick Slip Cladding

It is made of eco-friendly materials and baked in the kiln, and the material is extremely sustainable and is best if you want to make your house an eco-friendly and green building. Using real bricks can be a cumbersome process which you can overcome by using these. They look as natural as bricks and are very light-weighted. They are easy to fix, and since you can get the exact size, the finishing is immaculate. Brick sip cladding is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions; thus are suitable for both the interior and exterior of the house.

If you want to give a warm and traditional look to your house, this is the best option for you.

  • Warm natural tiles

For giving the best soothing look and a peaceful ambiance, warm natural tiles can be the best solution. You can use them in any of your rooms and on floors, or walls, or wet areas. Since they are made of moisture resilient material and are available in various sizes, you can also use them in your bathroom and kitchen.

They are perfectly tailored to give an earthy, natural and warm feel to your house and creates a pleasing and homogenous ambiance.

  • Victorian Floor Tiles

Another tile which is growing popular is Victorian floor tiles which you can use to spice up the look of your hall or living room. Being bright in color and pattern, you do not have to use too many tiles; you can get the elegant and sparkling look with limited numbers. They also come in different variations and shades giving you more options to choose from. Since they are long lasting, easy to clean and hardy, you can use these tiles to give the desired lively look without fear of damage.

  • Matte Finish Wall Tiles

The tiles for the wall is as crucial as the tiles for the floor. And great matte finish design can complement any floor type, thus sparing you the trouble of thinking. They impart a classy and attractive look to the entire room. They are slip resistant and easy to clean.

But, if you want to get a vibrant look to your room, this type of wall may not be ideal for you.


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