Difference between Curd and Yogurt

curd and yogurt

Curd or Yogurt play an important part in daily diet and especially Indian kitchen as they are used in various cooking recipes also. Both of them are rich source of calcium and contain many micro-nutrients which are good for stomach and overall health.

Curd and Yogurt are often misunderstood to be the same as they are two different types of dairy products. People often consider them same and there is a myth that curd to India is like Yogurt to Western countries. This is true that both are made up of milk but the type of milk used in both the cases is different and so does the fermentation process in making them both.

Yogurt is made by the bacterial fermentation process and the bacteria that take part is known as “Yogurt Cultures” which directly causes fermentation of lactose present in milk and thereby producing lactic acid. This is due to the presence of this bacteria only, the taste of yogurt gets acidic.

How to Make Curd/Dahi?

It is very simple to make dahi or curd at home. For this take some milk and heat it 30-40°C and allow it to cool down a little. When the milk is neither too hot nor too cold, add a spoonful of curd to it. The curd has lactobacillus backteria which multiplies itself and cause the fermentation of milk to curd. In winters it takes more time so place it in air tight container to keep it warm. Once it is ready, you can store the curd in a refrigerator as keeping in open can sour the taste.

How to Make Yogurt at Home?

The procedure of making yogurt is similar to the curd above with a difference that it uses two specific strains of bacteria called lactobacillus bulgaris and Streptococcus thermophilus. The addition of these bacteria make it good for your intestine and also it does not carry any lactose intolerance so safe for those who have lactose related problem

Benefits of Yogurt and Curd

  • Both are good for overall health and can improve immunity of our body
  • Both are rich source of calcium, iodine, vitamin B12, phosphorous, zinc, protein, potassium, and many other micro-nutrients
  • People having allergy to dairy products can safely use yogurt and curd as they do not cause any lactose intolerance but the intolerance can vary from person-to-person
  • When someone has diarrhea, give him yogurt or curd as it will help to improve the stomach disorder and replenish the lost minerals
  • Those suffering with weight problems can also safely use yogurt or curd in their diet


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