Difference between Scotch and Whiskey


All the liquors seem to be dark-colored and similar unless and until you do take a sip. Many people think they all are same and carry no significance difference in them. And if you also think the same, just hang on and think again. One such misunderstanding is found when people start talking about Scotch and Whisky and end up at the arguments.

Have you ever thought why they taste differ and also what makes one more expensive than the other. It’s the blending and malting that create the difference in the taste of the two.

People often do not know the difference between Scotch and Whisky. The main difference lies in the taste and its geography. The main ingredient used in making Scotch is malted barley and is in-fact specialized whisky made in Scotland. The barley is aged in oak barrels for a longer time for say, 3-4 years. While bourbon is a famous whisky made in U.S.A and is distilled from corn. Whisky does not mature further once it is bottled unlike Wine. Many people do not like the taste of whisky but some just die for it!!

Scotch, a malt whiskey, is made in Scotland from only water and malted barley. Scotch whiskey must be aged for a minimum of three years but mostly it lies in the woods for 8 to 10 years or more which smooths the taste of this fine dark beverage. Scotch can be taken in two ways; “neat” without ice or “on the rocks” with ice.

It is the maturation process in the making of the drinks that actually create the difference i the taste of the two. As the grains in the drinks mature. the smothering of the alcohol happens due to which the color and taste varies. The taste only decides the price and make on more expensive than the other.

So, basically we can say its a geography also that varies the two drinks actually. For example, in Ireland if you ask for a Whisky you will get Irish Whiskey while in UK if you ask for a Whisky, you will actually get Scotch. Also as said the maturation process in the making of the drinks can result into the taste and ultimately decided their price.

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