10 Simple Vastu Tips for Home

vastu-for-homeWhat is Vastu?

Vastu is an ancient old Indian science which helps in setting things or architecture of a house or office in an order to bring wealth, happiness and health.

Vastu is a vast science which unifies art, astronomy and astrology. It helps making our lives better and organise in such a way that we are secured when something goes wrong.

Vastu is the science of directions and placement of things. It combines all five elements of nature. The five elements are earth, water, fire, air and space or zero. When all these five elements are in balance, the prosperity and happiness is attained.

Vastu is a science and Feng Sui is an art of harnessing energies by activating weaker areas.

Role of Directions in Vastu

vastu-directions The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Based on this there are eight directions which play a very important role in designing a house or office.

The eight directions are East, West, North, South, North-East, East-South, South-West, and West-North. Every direction is significant in it and plays an important role.

Vastu should be followed from the beginning i,e from purchasing a house of a plot to the shifting to a new place.

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Vastu for home

A home is a place where one finds solace and seeks happiness with family. The whole day tiredness and worries of the world just vanish away when we reach home in the evening. We find peace and love at home and all the family members live together and think for the betterment of each other.

But many times a home becomes a place of quarrels and fights. Family members do not talk with each other and try to fight even on small topics.

The face of a house and directions of all its interior and exterior space should be as per the Vastu rules.

10 simple Vastu tips for home

  1. Wind Chimes
    wind chimes
    The sweet sound of wind chimes and the tinkling bells attached to them break the negative energy and make the flow of positive energy easily. Wind Chimes often come in different shapes and range, and once can buy as per the choice and space availability.
  2.  Use of Mirror at the doorsmall mirror vastu
    It is believed that a mirror at the door facing inside the home with projection of home falling on it is good from Vastu point. This believes to take away the negativity of the house from entering inside.
  3. Place a Symbol of Swastik
    Buy a symbol of “Swastik” or “Om” from market or draw your own on the outer sides of the main entrance door.
  4.  When the couple fights
    Hanging a picture of Radha and Lord Krishna on a swing is believed to bring back the love in the couple when they usually fight and lack love.
  5.  Choose correct pictures on walls
    Pictures of wars, empty vessel, anger, demons, eagle etc. invite trouble and are considered inauspicious. If you have any such picture at your home, remove them immediately.
  6.  Use of Salt in cleaning negative energy
    Place a bowl filled with water and salt in the corners of the room. The salt is considered to absorb negative energy and fills the home with positive energy.
  7.  Mirrors in Bedroomdressing-table-in-bedroom
    A bedroom should be free of mirrors or if not possible then your face should not be facing the mirrors. If there is a dressing table or TV in your bedroom, then cover them with a curtain while sleeping. According to Vastu use of mirrors brings ill-health and family problems.
  8.  Chanting Mantras and Meditation
    Chanting mantras like Gayatri mantra, Mritiyunjai mantra can remove negative energy at home. If chanting is not possible then you can play these mantras at home. Also meditate for 15-20 minutes daily to reduce stress and clear mind.Also Read: Yoga for beginners
  9.  Don’t put medicines in Kitchen
    A kitchen indicates health, happiness and prosperity and medicines indicate evils. So keep medicines away from the kitchen.
  10. Position of Kitchen
    If have choice, then kitchen should be in the south-east corner of the house and if not possible in that position, then north-west corner is the second option. The gas stove should be placed in the south-west direction.



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