How to Perform Yoga to get Best Results?


The craze of yoga has increased a lot in recent times, resulting more and more people trying hands into it. Yoga is an ancient old proven practice of curing some of the so-called most complicated diseases. It also beats stress and brings inner peace and happiness in one’s life. If done regularly with diet control, it can replace medicines from your life and make your life peaceful.

The cut-throat competition in schools and colleges, has increased mental stress in students. Yoga can help them in shedding off tensions and get better personality development also. But if not done in a proper manner, can do more damage than any benefit.

People start doing yoga by looking into youtube videos or hearing someone’s inspirations without getting any formal guidance from some expert.

Tips to Perform Yoga to get Best Results


Yoga has cured many dreadful diseases like cancer, AIIDS etc.  which are considered no curable in allopathy. But results largely depend upon the diet and lifestyle habits also. Few of the diseases that have been declared to have full control and cure through yoga are:

  • Obesity
  • Epilepsy
  • Hair Fall and thinning of hair
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Sugar
  • Thyroid
  • Cancer in many cases

Main Essence of Yoga

  • Yoga involves asans (postures) and deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing helps in the more intake of oxygen to the body cells, which helps in more flow of prana in the body. These exercises are called Pranayam which forces of deep inhalation and exhalation of breathe.
  • There are few breathing exercises come under pranayam like kapalbhati, anulom-vilom, Brahmari, meditation etc. Performing 15 minutes of Kapalbhati pranayam daily along with diet control is just more than enough to control weight. Kapalbhati is the fast inhalation and exhalation of breath in which stomach expands and contracts fast.
  • If you are suffering with high blood pressure, then doing just 15 minutes of anulom vilom (alternate nostril breathing) is very effective. Anulom Vilom and Brahmari pranayam can cure depression and anxiety problems along with  increase in concentration.
  • Yoga involves many postures also which are very effective in curing many ailments like disc problems, stomach fat, body fatigue etc. Few of the best whole body yoga postures are sun salutation, cat pose, dog pose, shoulder stand, head stand etc. There are a different set of postures for those suffering with back pain or cervical problems.
  • Many times it was seen that people complain they are not getting desirable results from yoga and start blaming it rather then knowing the reason behind it. Actually, Yoga has its rules and norms that  have to be followed strictly and if not followed then can result in complications.

Yoga Tips for Beginners

  1. Try to do Yoga in the early morning in open area, like garden, terrace or lawns where the air is fresh.
  2. Your face should face North or East direction while doing Yoga.
  3. If possible sit on ground rather then sitting on chair or sofa, and use good quality of Yoga mat on an even surface so that you can do right postures.
  4. Begin with ‘OM’ chanting and end also with the same.
  5. Concentrate on your breathe and keep your mind calm, try not to bring thoughts of anger or irritation in your mind.
  6. Keep calm and start slowly and peacefully.
  7. If you are suffering with fever or not feeling well then avoid doing Yoga.
  8. If you have slip disc or back problem, or any other medical problem then consult medical practitioner first.
  9. Do not drink water or eat any thing at least 30 minutes after the yoga session, you can have little water after 15-20 minutes but not in large quantity.
  10. You can do youga in evening also, most preferable during sun set.

Yoga gives best results if given on regular basis. Do not get disappointed if results are delayed. Be positive and keep on doing practices as yoga can cure incurable too.

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