How To Plan A Stag Do In Less Than A Week?


Unpredictability is what life is made of and the best way to deal with that is to go with the flow. Planning a stag do for your friend who’s getting hitched in less than a week can be a challenging and surprising task. Being the best man it’s on your shoulders to throw your best friend the best stag do and time shouldn’t be an excuse for your inability to do so. So what if you’ve got less than a week left to plan the ultimate stag do? A lot can happen in seven days.

If the tickets for a stag do in Amsterdam, Prague or any other popular destination, are very expensive, worry not. There are plenty of places in the UK for you to plan a great stag weekend. In fact, you can plan an awesome stag do right where you’re sitting right now, your home.

Here are some tips to help you plan a fantastic stag do in less than a week.

  1. Stag Do in UK

So now that travelling too far off to European destinations is not an option because the tickets and accommodation can be very expensive as you move closer to the dates, let’s look at options closer to home. UK has a lot of popular stag do destinations like London, Newcastle, Bournemouth, Bristol, Brighton, Manchester etc. You can travel to these close locations either by road, making a road trip out of it or you can just fly down to these locations.

Your choice of city for a stag do in the UK will depend on which place is closest to where you currently live, a destination that has the cheapest flight tickets and what your stag gang wants to do.

If you choose London, there are plenty of tourist attractions, theatre, live music and stag do activities that you can enjoy. If you want a warmer location with a beach then Bournemouth should be your choice. Bournemouth can provide you with a beach, tan and plenty of water sports.

  1. Stag Do At Home

If you can’t go anywhere out of town on such short notice, then just plan a stag do at home. Decorate the place with balloons, banners, hats, funny photographs of the stag and other decorations. Set up a bar with all kinds of liquor including all the favourites of the stag along with a line of shot glasses for the drinking games. You can get food from the favourite restaurant of the stag or even hire a chef to make you fresh food.

You can surprise the stag with this house stag party and host drinking games for the entire stag gang. You guys can play your own choice of music and dance for as long as you want, talk, watch a football match and enjoy the freedom of doing whatever you want, something that only a house party can give you.

  1. Out Around Town

If you want to stay in your town but get out of the house for the stag night, then go for a bar crawl in all the best bars of the city, enjoy a pint or two at each of the bars and then end the night with a lavish dinner at the stag’s favourite restaurant. This gives the stag a memorable night out with his friends, enjoying a few drinks and also a good meal.

If you guys want to spend an entire day and night celebrating the stag’s last night of freedom, you can go for a camping and hiking day out in the countryside. Go for a hike closeby, pitch your tents, light a bonfire and enjoy a glass of whiskey or two while enjoying the starlit skies and the company of your close friends.


Even if you just have a week to plan a stag do, you can easily pull off a memorable stag do if you’ve got the three important Fs of a stag night planned; friends, food and fun. A stag wants the company of his good friends, delicious food and lots of fun. If you’ve got these ingredients, then you’re ready with the recipe for the perfect stag night.

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