Does Reiki Really Help to Heal your Personal and Relationship issues

Does Reiki really help to heal? Yes it does…

What is Reiki if you ask me…so as a Reiki practitioner I can say that it is nothing but the power of your body that can help you to heal with your problems.

Reiki is inside every one, the only thing is to energize it to bring out the best of yourself. You might have heard about the magical power of Sai Baba Ji. He would treat people just with the magical power of his hands. He used to wave and the magic would happen!!!. So, that was only the power in his hands.

Reiki is every where!!.. You have seen the sun gives its warmth to everyone without seeing the caste or gender. This is all Reiki only.

Do I also have Reiki Power?

Yes. Everyone has power in his body and one can enhance the power by following few reiki practices. One can also learn Reiki practices but need to take attenuation from a Reiki master first.

Affirmations play an important role in Reiki practices. Affirmations come with positive mindset. Positivity and believing that the things are happening play a major role in one’s life.

If we start thinking positive and believing in our thoughts, it is true that the thoughts become the reality.

Reiki helps to clean all 7 chakras of our body. Our body is made with this seven channels which influence our aura a lot. Any negative energy on this chakras can cause imbalance in our health and aura.

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I would advise everyone to learn this beautiful Reiki way of healing and start changing your life for the betterment. I have learnt it from my Reiki Master and since then following it on myself and others and no doubt have seen the best result.

In Reiki, one can heal someone who is sitting thousands of miles away just by sending Reiki. This is really very interested and proven art of healing. You can do relationship healing also. Any kind of problem be it emotional, physical or spiritual can be cured with Reiki. Now a day, many hospitals have also started keeping a staff who is expert in Reiki practice.

So, what you are waiting for you? Go ahead and learn this beautiful art of healing, and share with us your feedback on this.

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