Fakhar Zaman – The Pakistani Cricketer


Fakhar Zaman is a Pakistani Cricket player. He was born in Pakistan on 10 April 1990 in Mardan, North-West Frontier Province.

Zaman is a left-handed batsman who made his Twenty-Twenty International debut by playing against the West Indies on 30 March 2017.

Zaman is in a good form since he made his debut, with an average score of 53.

Fakhar made his first One Day International Century on June 18 2017 against India at the Oval Ground, England in ICC Championship. He made beautiful 114 runs but got caught by Jadeja on Hardik Pandeya ball.

Early life of Fakhar Zaman

Fakhar used to play local tennis ball cricket initially in Pakistan before taking it on a professional level. He then started playing with hard ball in school. Zaman also joined Pakistani Navy at the age of 16 years in Karachi, where also he played cricket and started taking it more seriously.


Zamal joined under-19 cricket team and started playing on district level in Karachi. Zamal remembers how he was asked to play few practice matches in the five matches for the Regional under-19s when he broke down in the Karachi Regional team.

Zamal made good scores 70s and 80s in the practice matches.

Favorite Cricket Ground

Zaman’s favorite cricket ground is Multan. He made his debut in cricket on this ground by scoring 79 and 83 in the matches.

Cricket style of Fakhar Zaman

Zaman is a left handed batsman and a part-time spinner also. But he does not like to do wicket-keeping.

Cricket Ideal of Fakhar Zaman

Adam Gilchrist is the favorite cricketer of Fakhar Zaman. He loves the way Adam used to face the fast bowlers.  Another player that Fakhar Zaman is fond of is AB de Villiers.

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