Farmer’s death at AAP rally: Suicide or Accident

But the collision between AAP party and Delhi Police and other parties is getting stronger day by day after the death of Rojastha Farmer Gajendra in AAP compagin in Jantar Mantar. It is noted that in the recent rally organized by AAP on 23-April-2015, Gajendra hanged himself at the AAP rally  from the branch of a tree and committed suicide while Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal was giving speech against Land Acquisition Law.

Death of a famer on AAP rally in jantar mantar

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AAP Party government in Delhi has even put Delhi on show case notice on why it did not stop the farmer from commiting suicide who took this extreme step in front of huge crowd.

The family of deceased Gajendra Singh could not believe the a suicide and said he could not commit this and might have been provoked to take the step. AAP offered 10 lakhs to Gajendra family as compensation but they rejected this. Devendra Singh, who is one of the three brothers of Gajendra said in reply of this compensation, “I offer one crore to the AAP Party in return if they bring us back him alive.”

The investigations are still going on to prove whether the case was an accident or a suicide act.

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  • Gajendra was the son of Bane Singh and has seven more siblings, five sisters and two brothers who all are married.
  • He hailed from Rajasthan and possessed 4.3 bighas of land and also had built a separate home away from his ancestral house in his farmland.
  • He was the person of a great personality with twirled moustache. This was his good looks only that earned him a title of “Mr Desert” in 2010. His family considered him to be a person of strong will power and a positive thinking.
  • He has left his wife and three kids behind him, the eldest daughter is in twelfth standard while the younger sons are studying in first and fourth respectively.
  • The eldest brother of Gajendra-Devendra Singh is a constable with the Rajasthan Army and younger brother-Bijendra is teaching at Jaipur Coaching Institute.
  • He had few altercations and disputes in his family due to which he used to earn money while tying turbans in wedding and functions.
  • He was famous in people due to his unique way of tying turbans and  usually participated in desert functions at the Jaisalmar.
  • He had tied turbans to many celebrities, Amitabh Bachchan is also the one out of them.
  • To support his kids and family, he even worked as a security guard for two years in a Jaipur hotel.
  • This was not the first time that Gajendra had participated in any rally, as previously also he had taken part in many political parties that raised farmers issues owing to his interest in politics.

He was not a regular farmer and according to his family, this was the first time he had done farming on his own and was not happy with the way the crops had got damaged. He even reached district officials also for the support but got disappointment there also.

One of his niece was soon going to married in coming 27 April and he had gifted he would be in-laws a bike.

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