Fight For Your Right If Your Newly – Purchased Car Is A Lemon

Alabama lemon law attorney

Is your newly purchased or leased car giving you continues and significant problems? Are the defects in your car irreparable by the manufacturer? If yes, then your car might be a lemon. Even though the Lemon Law in Alabama protects only new cars and not newly purchased used cars, you could manage to get compensation for them.

The Lemon Law in Alabama covers new vehicles for up to two years after the purchase or up to 24,000 miles, whichever comes earlier. Additionally, the car should be in possession of the original owner at the time of filing the complaint.

You are required to give an authorized dealer or manufacturer a fair number of attempts to fix the defects in your car. It could be either three repair attempts for most issues or one attempt for defects that could cause grave injury or death or after your car is out of service for at least 30 days.

Take help from a Lemon Law Attorney in Alabama

Due to the immense costs of automakers, your car manufacturer might not easily accept the car to be a lemon and devise strategies along with the dealer. An experienced Lemon Law Attorney in Alabama can help in compelling your car manufacturer to give a refund or replacement of your car.

You need to mail a Final Repair Opportunity Notice or submit a Vehicle Repurchase or Replacement Request to the car manufacturer. If the car manufacturer refuses or offers a lower settlement, you can file a complaint within sixty days of the final decision of a manufacturer’s informal dispute process, or within one year after the end of your Alabama lemon law rights period.

Getting compensation for used cars not covered under the Lemon Law in Alabama

Your car is not covered under the lemon law in Alabama if you have leased or purchased a used car, or if the title of your car indicates that it is a used car.

Most used cars dealers in Alabama sell cars “as is” meaning without warranty. Also, the lack of lemon law protection exposes buyers at the risk of fraud by unscrupulous used car dealers.

Alabama law allows you to file a complaint about fraud based upon the oral misrepresentations of a dealer during car sale. Also, the Fair Business Practices Act in Alabama covers automobiles, and other laws protect consumers from auto fraud. Hence, under the Alabama law, you are allowed to claim for Unfair Business Practices if the dealer made misleading statements about the car.

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