7 Proven Tips to Solve Complications and Save your Marriage

how to solve complications in marriage

Valentine day is the first festival that comes in a calendar year for any loving couple. It comes every year on 14 February and is celebrated by exchanging gifts between the couples.

Couples try to meet each other at any cost to spend the day and create memories.

A couple shows love towards each other and take vows to live and die together when they are in courtship. But the same love seems to fade away when they get married. And, the hope for its revival get least when they are blessed with kids.

The place of love is taken by complaints, critics and fights after the marriage. This might be the reason that most of the jokes are made on married couples.

7 Tips to Solve Complications after Marriage

  1. Give Respect to each other’s Relatives
    It is usually seen that husband and wife criticize each other’s relatives when fight with each other. Words like “your mother”, “your sister” etc. are used during arguments. Avoid this habit and try to convince that each of you would give respect to other’s parents and relatives if want to get the same in return.

    If the wife has any problem with her in-laws, it’s husband’s responsibility to talk with her instead of just ignoring it or asking his wife to keep quiet. If efforts are not taken to solve the issues or arguments in the beginning, the chances are that the couple would lose the faith in discussing and solving problems in future and they start avoiding each other.

  2. Appreciate Each Others Efforts
    Mostly husband and wife ignore the love, care and the efforts made by each other, considering it to be their duty. This is Really very wrong. Don’t ignore the efforts just because he or she is yours.

    In any relationship both the partners should have equal roles and share all the responsibilities. Never miss a chance to appreciate your partner even in front of others too. This will make you to find more good things in your partner. Always remember that as a wife you should also praise your husband rather than expecting the same from him always. Never blame your partner if you have any problem, as there is nothing more important than your relationship if you want to keep it forever.

  3. Give Breathing Space to Each Other
    Partners often complain about not giving space to each other. A husband feels his wife talks on phone all the time and tells the secrets to her parents or friends. A wife feels her husband is giving more time to his friends outside.It is important to give breathing space to each others. Don’t compel your partner to share with you his or her passwords or PIN of credit cards, email id etc.

    Allow each other to go out and spend some quality time with their friends when they want. But remember that giving time to own home should be the first priority. Many times, one of the two always go out with friends and do not give time to the family. This is also not good and disturbs the peace of the family. Learn to give space but never ignore the partner.

  4. Behave yourself in front of kids
    Husband-wife often fight in front of their kids without giving a thought that they might imitate them. If you want your kids to learn something good, first present yourself doing that.If you teach your kids not to fight and use abusive language but yourself do that, they will also fight and talk in the way for sure.So please make a rule that you will never fight in front of your kids;no matter how angry you are. If you are not at par with your partner on any topic, please talk with each other behind your kids. It is observed that kids are more aggressive and of crime behavior if their parents fight in their presence.
  5. Share your responsibilities
    It is found that a wife often complains her husband that he never helps her in the kitchen saying it’s her duty. She spends all her time in the kitchen alone, and often feels tired. Husband-wife stops appreciating each others efforts and do not try to share the responsibilities with each other. Friendship, love and equality is very important in any relationship. Give others rest by taking his or her share of responsibilities. Or, you can both do a thing together, this will make it complete it more faster and you would get more time to spend with each other.
  6. Give space to each other
    Problems come when you stop giving time to each other as you would do before marriage. Consider each other the same valentines as earlier. Still love and give some time to each other.Give surprises and gift as you would do before your marriage to rekindle it again. Couples enjoy their Valentine day with pump and show before marriage but when they get married, they stop showing love. Avoid making your loving life monotonous and keep on the fire of love burning in your heart.
  7. Manage your money matters together
    Discuss your expenses, savings and monetary planning by sitting together.Involve your wife in your financial discussions even if she is not working. If both are working then also one has complaint that the other partner spends more. You can open a joint account and put your savings their for future.

    Also, make a home budget for monthly expenses and try to follow it to avoid any extra expenses. A singly penny saved will reward you always in your future.

Always remember that your married life will be smooth only when both the partners are open to each other and also respect from heart. Real valentine day meaning is the way you treat each others under pressure and adversity in your life. Live your life with each other but with dignity, love and equal share of responsibilities.

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