12 August-World Elephant Day


August 12 is celebrated as “International Elephant Day” every year. World Elephant day came into existence as the joint effort of two Canadian film makers-Patricia Sims and Thailand’s Elephant Reintroduction Foundation. First International Elephant day was celebrated on August 12, 2012.

Based on the initiative above, William Shatner also narrated a documentary “Return to the Forest”. It was a 30 minutes film on the Asian elephants.

The mission of International Elephant day is the protection and safety of elephants in the world. It was found that the numbers of elephants alive was reducing due to their hunting or some other reason. The day, therefore, creates awareness among masses to take care and safety of the African and Asian elephants. Elephants are intelligent and easily grab any information they are given.

Other celebrities like Barack Obama, Ashley Judd, and Leonardo DiCaprio also participated and showed interest in the cause

Why do People kill Elephants?

  • Elephant is the largest land animal, which is always in demand for its ivory. The demand of ivory is highest in China, which results into the poaching of African and Asian elephants as well
  • People use elephants skin for making products like leather bags, belts purses etc.
  • Elephant is killed for its meat and other body parts
  • Due to more urbanization and increase in human population, the forests are cut which make elephants to move to cities or come in direct proximity with the people. Because of these human beings, kill elephants to keep themselves safer


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