Kids want to Save their Share of Resources for Future

What if we start seeing the world with the eyes of our kids?

Kids have got really great power of imagination and can give your many times such brilliant ideas that even we can get ashamed off!!

world from kids eyes

Every time my kids read something about global warming, pollution, depletion of fuels in future, vanishing of water resources or similar topics in the newspaper or through some other resources, they come to me and ask something which always put me in tension.

My kids are in the age group of 8-12 years. They are studying in school and no doubt in the learning stage. They observe everything that happens in the neighborhood, and catch every single word they hear. Sometimes, it gets very difficult for me to understand, what should I allow and what not to allow them to hear. As not everything is in our control as there are many things that are really not in our reach.

When they hear that the water is sooner going to get depleted if the rate of their consumption is not controlled along with the population control. They ask me “Mom why will it happen and what we are going to drink instead of water in future if it gets depleted. And, what’s our fault if we do not get it in future”.

My kids want to save their share of resources for their future, and complain why its getting depleted so faster and what they will do in the future then.

I asked my daughter and son to provide me a list of those activities or points that and help their future to be safe.  They are really very angry and seriously want the world to do something for the depletion of the resources. The following list has been made by my daughter and son only who are between age group of 8-12 years only as mentioned above.

Tips given by my 8 years old son, Arjun

1. Switch off fans, television if not needed
2. Many times water tank in our terrace overflows if the guard uncle forgets to stop the motor. He says the guard uncle should keep an eye and stop the motor as soon as the water overflows
3. My son complains that when the maid aunt comes, she turns on the tube-light in the rooms. He asks me to tell her not to do so and use natural light only
4. He also complains that many times maid aunt ignores running tap water and waste it even when the bucket is full or when she washes the dishes

Energy saving tips given by my 12 years old daughter, Sanskriti

1. Promote rain water harvesting
2. Use water left in water bottles in plants rather than throwing on the roads. She does this with the remaining water in her bottle while returning to home
3. Plant trees to get more oxygen. Keep an air-purifier inside homes also
4. Use natural light and remove curtains from the rooms and allow natural light to enter your home
5. Use water purifier or RO waste water in plants, car washing or some other purposes.
6. We should use buckets instead of pipes to water the plants
7. We should use paper or other scrap material to make compost
8. Use paper, cloth bags instead of plastic bags
9. Promote three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

There are many NGO’S and organisations in the world which are working for the betterment of society and mankind. But it’s our responsibilities also to take care of our nature and our precious resources, to make our kids future safe and prosperous.

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