First Time in 85 Years India Made a Record


When Sri Lanka was about to lose in Pallikele in the third match, India was preparing itself to celebrate its first historic win in clean sweep in any foreign land. And finally this happened…

Virat Kohli boys registered an emphatic win over the hosting Sri Lanka with a historic 3-0 clean sweep. Restricted to 135 in the first innings and called for follow on, Sri Lanka finally bent down by losing all its players at 181 at the Pallekele International Stadium.

Hardik Pandeya and Mohammad Shami were the main heroes in the final match. Other players including, Cheshwar Pujara, Kuldeep Yadav, R Ashwin, Shikhar Dhawan were also no less in giving their full support in this historic win of India on any foreign land.

He pitched at three-quarter length with an excellent seam and full delivery. He balled fiery and proved himself correct as a choice of captain.

There were few things that happened for the first time along with the following highlights of the match

  1. It was first in 85 years that India won any series out of India. The boys in blue played so well that Sri Lankans could not even play till its tea break the next day after follow-on.
  2. The hosting team could not stand well to the expectations of its fans, and failed to recover in the final match after the follow-on match.
  3. The Indian ballers played their best game and forced the Sri Lankans to bend in the 75th over at 181 runs only.
  4. Kuldeep Yadav had replaced Ravindra Jadeja in the match who was successful in restricting the opposite captain, Dinesh Chandimal at 36 runs only. The Indian ballers played magnificently and Shikhar Dhawan was given “Man of the Match Series” award.
  5. Shikhar Dhawan told after the match how he was on vacation leave in Hong Kong before playing in the series and this was his natural game.
  6. Shikhar Dhawan gave credit to all his team members and team management for the success after getting the award.
  7. Hardik Pandya was given the “Man of the Match” award. Hardik made his centuary and was very confident since the beginning.
  8. Virat Kohli became the first Indian captain who could clean sweep in the tri-match series in any foreign land.
  9. India’s win by 171 runs was its first major victory against Sri Lanka.
  10. This was the fifth occasion when India won any three or more than three match’s series without losing any single match.

Virat Kohli praised his teammates and gave all the credit to them for the magnificent victory.

Kohli was in total owed of Hardik Pandeya who played with maturity in all three matches in the series. He mentioned how he played wonderfully and his game motivated the team. It would not be exaggerated if Hardik was the hero and responsible for the team win.

Virat also disclosed how he loves the way Shammi takes wickets and always gives his 120 percent in any match and balls at the speed of 140 to 145 km/hour.


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