First Woman Lawyer Portrait in the Supreme Court Library

Kapila Hingorani

Barrister Kapila Hingorani, known as the Mother of PILs(Public Interest Litigation) will be the first woman lawyer to get her portrait displayed in one of the libraries of the Supreme Court.

Her portrait would share the space with the most respected judicials MC Setalvad, CK Daphary and RK Jain in the second library of the Supreme Court.

Kapila who was born in 1927 in Nairobi. She is still being honored as the first Indian woman to graduate from Cardiff Law School in Britain.

She was greatly inspired  by Mahatma Gandhi and worked for those prisoners who were awaiting trial for many years.

The delay in the justice could be due to multiple reasons but it many times would result them into spending more time in prision than that they would have expected to if convicted for the crime and getting the final sentence. This “justice delayed is a justice denied” made her worked for those prisoners.

She was also the first lawyer to file a public interest litigation in 1979 in the Supreme Court.

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