Swine Flu – 10 Best Home Remedies to Avoid Swine Flu


Are you also suffering with a long cough or sneeze frequently and thinking it to be a normal flu? It could be a result of Swine flu too!!

Swine Flu is an epidemic disease and spreads very fast. It can be dangerous and the infected person can die also because of it. There is a vaccination available in the market for Swine flu but that could be effective only when taken before and not after the infection.

People get panic when gets a little cough thinking it might be a swine flu this complicated the things further.

Following are 10 home based but easy steps that can help you to fight with flu virus of any kinds, not necessarily swine flu.

The list contains more then one remedies that you can follow in combination to suit you best. These steps should be taken prior suffering with Swine Flu, but if have already suffered then these measures can help you only up to some extent or may be not.

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10 Home Remedies to Avoid Swine Flu

1. Tulsi or Basil leaves, which is a common plant in India is best known for its medicinal values. Have at least five-six duly washed leaves of tulsi everyday in the morning. Basil leaves can cure soreTulsi for flu throats and clear lungs. It improves immunity of body thereby, helps fighting infection.

2. Another herbal plant which is good for improving  immunity is Giloy , medically calleds Tinospora Cordifolia. This is a common available plant and is grown in many homes. To use this, take one foot long branch of the plant and add 5-6 tulsi leaves to it and boil the leaves in water for 15-20 minutes till the water absorbs the color and taste. You can add little salt and black pepper to it  and drink after it gets cooled down. You can purchase ready made giloyi powder  from Ayurvedic shops also if plant is not available.

3. Another anti-fungal ingredient available in your kitchen is Garlic. Take two small pods of raw garlic first thing in the morning along with warm water. For better results, chew it but in that case it can leave a tangy and unpleasant odour and taste in your mouth. Garlic improves immunization of body.garlic for flu

4. Swallow a small piece of camphor once or twice a month with water.Camphor should not be taken on daily basis, and its use be restricted to once a month or once in any season.

camphor for flu

5. Who does not know the benefits of Milk especially if little turmeric is added to it. It is the best health drink and improves body resistivity to diseases by improving immunization. milk for health

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6. Vitamin C is the fighting element in our body and those who take it on daily basis, rarely affected by flu or cold. Have citrus fruits like Amla, lemon, oranges etc daily in your diet or can have their juice. Ready made fruit juice is available in packaged form in market, but its good to go for fresh juice for better results.


7. One more proved and beneficial herbal plant is Aloe Vera which has long and thick leaves like cactus and has an odor less gel. The gel can be taken with water daily as this is very useful for joint pains. The plant’s gel can be applied to skin also for acne and spots treatment.aloe vera health benefits for skin

8. Do some sort of exercises like morning walk, walking or Pranayam (Breathing Exercises)daily. This clears throat and lungs and keep you in good health. It is always good to keep on doing something.


8. Homeopathic believes the cure of Swine Flu. According to this, if five tablets of Pyrogenium 200 and Inflenzium 200 are taken three times a day, Swine flu virus will stay away from you.


10. At last but not the least, washing hands frequently with soap and warm water is very important. Carry a sanitizer with you and apply after touching a surface in public areas like handle, tables etc.  Traveling in crowded areas also increase the risk of swine flu virus, so avoid such areas and if can not avoid then use masks. Keep a distance of at-least three feet with the patient of Swine flu as the H1N1 virus can be affective within this area.

Along with following all above remedies, drink a lot water also the whole day as it removes toxins from body.

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wash hands to avoid swine flu

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Swine Flu is caused by H1NI influenza Virus and has symptoms similar to Seasonal Flue. We are listing here few home based tips you can follow to avoid being caught by Swine Flu

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