How do people celebrate the La Calle 8 Festival


The Calle Ocho 8 is a musical festival that lasts for one day in the Havana neighbourhood of Miami. Call Ocho is located on 8th street in Little Havana in Miami, which is in Florida. The area bears a strong resemblance to the old time Cuba. There are still many places here where we can find Cuban culture.

How do People Celebrate The La Calle 8 Festival?

The La Called 8 Festival is celebrated in this area in March month every year.

This festival is also known as The Calle Ocho Music Festival. Lot of entertainment happens in the event like dance to salsa, delicious foods options, swings, music etc. Huge gathering happens in the festival and people round the world come to witness this grand festival.


This one week of celebration of The Calle Ocho Festival fills with traditional Latin traditional colors.

One of the most spectacular thing to see in the The La Calle 8 festival is the Domino Tournament In this tournament few of the pioneer Miami’s domino giants participate and compete to win the cash prizes.

History of The La Calle 8 Festival

The La Calle 8 Festival was first celebrated in 1978. The main purpose of the festival was to bring together the Hispanic community together. Lot of people showed up in the festival, which was far beyond the expectations.

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