How to Eat Healthy in Summer

One feels more thirsty and less hungry in summers but that does not mean we should not eat and give up eating healthy. Summer is a time when sun is at its maximum heat and its uneasy to go out and face in out of house. It is advisable to eat only freshly prepared food and a lot of juice in summers

summer food

Improper decision of food and taking stale and contaminated food can result can cause vomiting, headaches and vomiting along with diseases.

We should take care while deciding the food to go for in summers, please follow the tips below to make your days smooth and cool.

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  • Avoid taking already cooked food which is kept aside for hours as this could be a house for bacteria and can upset your stomach. Cooked food should be consumed fresh after cooling at a recommended temperature and should not be kept for long.
  • Avoid using spicy foods and go for plain one as this could worsen the heat and stomach condition of yours by adding the heat generated from them, moreover they cause more sweating and heat.
  • Eat a lot of green salads and fruits. Fruits are rich source of nutrients and micro-nutrients and water as well. There are many fruits available in markets during summer like melons, water melon, mangoes, lemons, strawberries etc.
  • Take a lot of curd and buttermilk in your diet along with fruit juices, coconut water, fruit shakes etc.
  • Avoid much fatty food but do not ignore your daily need of complex carbohydrates like, wheat, grains, pulses, corns and rice.

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