How to Ensure That Your Children Are Safe in their Child Care?

Child Care

With more and more couples working day long to meet their expenses, the demand has been rising for child care centres across the world where children can be kept while the parents are in their office. One of the main concerns of every parent regarding the child care centre is safety and security. Today, people do not want to sacrifice their career and they not even run their family with a single source of income. But, keeping children in a safe hand is very important otherwise you cannot concentrate on your work properly. So, in this regard, you can search some child care centre in your locality and choose the best one for your child. Here your child will learn lot of things and group activities conducted by these centres can also develop your child’s mind with a lot of resources.

Five important tips to choose the best child care centre:

Every parent wants their child to be in the hands of secure caregivers in their absence. Here are some signs to look out for in a child care centre before putting your child into it, to know that it is absolutely safe for your child.

  1. Attendees and Supervision: Always ensure that your child’s child care centre has adequate number of supervisors to look after young children. Ask the management for the child to attendant ratio. In an ideal scenario the ration should be 1:3 for infants and toddlers and 1:9 for preschool aged kids. If you see that the ratio does not match and there is just one attendant looking after a group of children more than five, then avoid such centres, and choose another one for your child.
  2. Knowledge of First Aid and paediatric CPR: When you are putting your child in a child care, ask the authorities to produce certificates and proof that their attendants and teachers are well trained and experienced in first aid and paediatric CPR. The centre should be able to treat your child immediately in case of ill health or an accident. Absence of a first aid certification shows that the centre is not adequately equipped to handle health issues and does not adhere to safety rules required.
  3. CCTV and Security: Look out for CCTVs in classrooms, so that you can be assured that your child’s movements are being tracked and monitored by the authorities so that any danger that may befall him or her can be prevented and crimes can be tracked down. The centre should also have adequate fire safety measures within its premises and should be carrying out fire safety drills occasionally. They should be trained to handle any emergency be it a criminal attack or a natural calamity. Apart from that, the child care centre should have the security professionals because managing large number of children is not a joke and they need to be very careful about their security and safety measurements.
  4. Background checks and licenses: Background checks are a must while choosing the child care centre for your child. Ensure that the centre displays authentic certifications from Government agencies. Ask the management or find out if there have been any cases of child abuse against the centre. You can carry out your own background search over the internet. In this case, you can check their online reviews and if you find any negative review then avoid them and switch to another centre for your child.
  5. Health and Hygiene: the centre should have nursery equipment like toys and learning material that is safe and disinfected regularly. The environment of the centre should be clean and free of germs. Keeping in mind these useful tips while picking a child care centre for your children will go a long way in ensuring their safety and give you complete peace of mind.

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