How to Make Bal Mithai Uttarakhand Sweets


Bal mithai is mouth watering brown chocolate – like fudge, and is a very famous sweet of Himalayan state – Uttrakhand. Bal Mithai, with its dark chocolate like appearance is covered with sugar coated white globules. Since childhood for us, Uttarakhand was synonymous to Bal mithai.

The Bal mithai sweet has the most sought after souvenir from Kumaon Hills. We would never miss an opportunity to request to bring the delicacy whenever any of our acquaintances would go there. Today, being married in Kumaon family, I too get requests for the sweet from my near and dear ones.?

Kundan Misthan Bhandar is a very renowned seller of Bal mithai, situated  in Ramnagar.

Ingredients Used in Making Bal Mithai

  • Khoya –  11/2kg
  • Powdered Sugar  –  500 gms
  • Sugar balls – 250 gms
  • Lemon- 1 medium size
  • Ghee for greasing
  • Water – 1 litre

Method of Making Bal Mithai

For the sugar syrup

In a heavy-bottomed pan mix sugar and a liter of water. Bring it to a boil on medium flame. After the sugar dissolves, add lemon juice. A scum will be formed on the surface. Remove it with the help of a spoon.

Boil the syrup and keep checking the consistency. The syrup should be of three-thread consistency. Divide it into two portions.

For the Bal Mithai

Take a heavy base pan or khadai. Put it on gas stove and roast khoya.

-Stir continuously to avoid burning, and cook till browned.

– Add , one portion of sugar syrup and cook further till the mixture attains a chocolate brown color, stirring along.

– When done switch off the flame. Take a plate and grease it with ghee or oil. Spread mixture on thali evenly.

-Allow to cool, then cut in rectangular shaped blocks.

– Slightly touch blocks with remaining sugar syrup and the roll them in sugar.

Alternative Method for Making Bal Dana (white balls)

– Heat the remaining sugar syrup in a pan and put the khus khus or poppy seeds in it, till they are coated with the syrup.

– Using a strainer remove the seeds and put them on a plate. Repeat the process a few times.

– Same as previous, roll the cut brown burfi pieces on the plate so that they get coated with the sweetened khus khus.

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