My First Encounter with Cooking in Kitchen- Bhindi

ladyfinger-okraI remember my first encounter with cooking in Kitchen when I was 17-year-old. My mom had gone out of station and my father was not so good in cooking or I can say we had never seen him in the kitchen or trying his hands in any dishes. So, finally the responsibility was on my shoulders to make something for breakfast.

One day which was a normal day like any other day and my father did his exercise routine, followed by bath and newspaper reading. Now it’s a time for him to do the breakfast.  He was waiting for that, and generally would love to have chapattis and some vegetable with them.

I was in the kitchen doing experiment with cooking as it was my first day in making anything with my hands. I was making Bhindi (lady finger or Okra). It was more than half an hour but it was not getting that results that it should have been otherwise. I was continuously stirring and stirring it. I was not sure what it was lacking. In the process I overcooked it and it started burning.  And the final result was like I cannot tell you as it was totally burnt and the shape had changed. When I put the cooked bhindi on plate it made a sound like we had put metal pieces on plate.

When I served that food to my father, he very gently ate the whole overcooked vegetable and said nothing. But after having that food he just uttered few words that I still remember, “Sabji was ok but it was little overcooked so be cautious next time. You tried well”.

I love this nature of my father as no one has ever seen him complaining the taste of any food. He always eats plain and very simple food and that also in limits.

Needless to say this was my first encounter with cooking in kitchen and still remembers that first experience and keeps in my precious collection of memories.

If you also have any such memory, feel free to add your comment in the comment box.

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