Recipe of Making Healthy Pav Bhaji – Maharashtrian Style


I love Maharashtrian food be it pani poori, vada pao, sav poori etc. But one food that I like the most is Pav Bhaji.

If someone asks me personally my favourite dish that I make very happily for my kids, it would be Pav Bhaji. I love this dish because it is not only yummy but I can add any vegetable to it which my child normally does not like.

This is one dish that my child can eat with any number of pavs with love and happiness. I have tried many market selling Pav Bhaji but never liked the taste as it is very spicy and a lot of artificial color is added to it. So, I prefer to make it at home.

I keep the recipe of making Pav Bhaji very simple so that the natural flavour of all vegetables remain intact even after cooking.

Recipe of making Pav Bhaji Step by Step

  1. Ingredients used in Pav bhaji
    • Onion – 2
    • Tomatoes –  4
    • Potatoes – 6
    • Cauliflower
    • Garlic cloves – 3 to 4
    • Lemon Juice
    • Butter
    • Pav Bhaji Masala
    • Salt for taste
    • Kastoori Methi
    • Red Degi Mirch for color (you can skip this also)

    We have used cauliflower and potatoes only but you can add other vegetables also like peas, pumpkin, beans or any vegetable of your choice.

  2. Cut and boil all the vegetables together
    Peel potatoes and cut them with other vegetables. Wash them properly with clean water. In our case we have used potatoes and cauliflower, you can use any vegetable of your choice.Pav Bhaji
  3. Many people boil vegetables together and use onion and tomatoes later on while doing tadka. But I have used one onion and two tomatoes with other vegetables while boiling. One of the reason of doing this is because my daughter does not like tomatoes so I use this trick to add tomatoes as they are good in vitamin c and other nutrients.
    Pav Bhaji
  4. Next step is to take a pressure cooker and mix all the cut vegetables(Onion and tomatoes also if you have added). Allow it to give 2-3 whistles.
  5. Allow the vegetables to cool down and drain the extra water. You can keep this water in a container to use later.  Grind the boiled vegetables well with a grinder and form a paste.
    Pav Bhaji
  6. Now take a pan and put on the stove. Take one teaspoon of refined oil and two spoons of Butter. Add garlic, onion and fry them till the color turns to brownish. Add grated tomatoes and salt as per your taste. Also add, kastoori methi, lemon juice, two spoons of Pav Bhai masala and Degi red mirch for color if you want. Mix them all together and let the mixture blend together.
  7. Once all the ingredients are ready add the above prepared boiled vegetables paste to this paste in the pan. Add the left over drained water that you stored above to maintain consistency. Allow it to shimmer and cook on low flame for some time and then stop the gas. You Bhaji is ready. Pav Bhaji
  8. The final step is to take pavs and bake with butter on them. Add a little butter in hot bhaji and serve with pavs.  You can sprinkle little pav bhaji masala in butter before baking pavs o it.Pav Bhaji

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