How To Make The Baby Sleep Alone


Both at night and at the time of nap, you fear the time to put your baby to bed. Screams, fits of crying … You have to go countless times next to the crib before making it fall asleep .

The time to go to bed becomes a nightmare. You are exhausted and you can not find a solution. Your little one has become accustomed to falling asleep on his chest or in your arms . In addition, he wakes up several times during the night. You feel that the time has come to teach you to take the dream for yourself , but your crying makes you feel guilty.

To Sleep Alone, You Need Landmarks

When your baby resists sleep , you are willing to do anything to sleep it: cradle it, walk it in the cart and even in the car. If you wake up when you leave it in the baby crib or while you sleep, your baby is baffled by not being in the place where he fell asleep. He feels lost, he finds it difficult to go back to sleep and calls out to you screaming.

What You Should Do?

During the day, try to leave your child alone at times, in his hammock or in the park. That way he will get used to staying alone in the crib . When you put him to bed, he establishes a habit: a story, a little music , a good night kiss to the stuffed animals … And convince yourself that you have to sleep alone in your crib. If you blame yourself, your baby will know how to touch your sensitive fiber.

What Should You Say?

“You’re very tired, it’s time to sleep. I’m here next. “

Learn To Know The Time At Which The “Dream Train” Passes

Despite having established a habit before bedtime, as soon as you push the door of your room, your baby starts screaming. Some children need to release the tensions accumulated during the day. But if you see that he does not calm down, it may be because he has lost the train of sleep.

What You Should Do?

Learn To Identify Signs of Fatigue
The baby yawns, has red eyes or ciliary arcs, scratches his ear … From 3 months , his sleep cycles are 70 minutes. If he rubs his eyes at 7.30 pm, but is not ready to go to bed, it is useless to put him to bed twenty minutes later: he will be right in the middle of the cycle. It is better to wait at 8:15 p.m. Little by little, you will find the ideal time to put him to bed.

He Can Not Fall Asleep Because Something Bothers him

The dream of a baby can be greatly altered by a new situation. When it is something foreseeable, such as a move or a trip, you have to prepare for it. If the fact catches you by surprise, express your feelings with words to reassure him.

What Should You Do?

If you are traveling , take with you your blanket, your stuffed animal and your favorite little objects. And if you move, organize your room first, so that the baby retrieves your references and your space as soon as possible.

What Should You Say?

Talk about the trip or the move, what you are willing to live, the people you will be with. If it is a death or a break that affects you a lot, explain that you are sad, but that it is not your fault, that you love them very much and that you do not have to worry.

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