How to stop overthinking | Different types of thinking according to experts

How to stop overthinking

It is a blessing that we Homo sapiens can think well and are considered highly intellectual. We are blessed to born as Home Sapiens. However, sometimes, blessings can also work as curse in our lives. Thinking is not bad when it is constructive and brings best out of you and your future but can be dangerous if it just thinks about the problems and not the solution.

Psychologists say there are many types of thinking and based on the research they have broadly divided it into two main categories; Problem centric, Solution centric.

Different Types of thinking by Psychologists study

As we told above that thinking is not a single thing as many people used to thing. Broadly speaking it can be divided into two different categories based upon the way it is done as below:

1. Problem Centric Thinking

When one thinks a lot about problems without any reason, he is having problem centric approach of thinking.

We can make it clear with the help of few examples. One common example is financial issue. Many people always keep on cursing their past for not so good present financial conditions. They always blame why they did not chose a good college, not studied hard in schools, not joining a particular job, rejecting a job transfer, not listening to the parents, having fight with the in-laws or anyone etc.

Same way a homemaker can continuously think of the way her in-laws treated her few years back or her husband abused her. She loses her focus on the past things, which we cannot change. Those are gone but the memories are still there in the present that is not letting her live peacefully. Even after having everything in present, she is still sad, as the past was not good. This way her thinking approach would be called as ‘Problem Centric’.

This approach just provide tensions and worries in life. It spoils the present and the future too. This is just based on imagination and not the reality. As, generally when we think about someone’s wrong act of past he is not aware of that. He is happy but we are living in depression.

One should know the difference between reality and imagination; otherwise, the consequences could be very bad in the future.
If the problem persists and does not finish, chances are that you have anxiety disorder. You need to meet a psychiatric for the discussion.

2. Solution Centric Thinking

Second type of thinking approach is of solution centric. In this type of thinking, a person still thinks like the above approach but the focus is more on the solution rather than the problem. For example, I feel a particular certification is needed for my job growth. I would try to do that certification and grow rather than not doing that.

That means solution centric approach helps in giving the solution and based on reality not the imagination. The main advantage of this type of thinking is that one is ready for taking for future action. He also thinks about the problem but does not worry about it, and takes decision for the future. Every time he has an issue, he just says let’s bring a solution to it and that’s the approach one should follow.

So, there is a difference in the way that we approach and take the things in life. Problems would come and go, the only thing that matters is the way we faced them. Thinking is good but in a correct manner.

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