Studies Prove that Your Brain Still Works After you Die


Life after death is still a topic of curiosity by most and scientist are after it to resolve the mysteries it carries with itself since a very long time.

What happens after death and to our body is a mystery to us. In recent studies it is proved that a person’s brain is always active after death. When all your organs stop working, your mind is still active.

Your Brain is Aware that you are Dead

A team of scientist from Langone School of Medicine in New York University has done a research on patients who died due to cardiac arrest and have their heart stopped working for some time.

Here we should we aware with the difference between cardiac arrest and heart attack.

Cardiac arrest occurs when the electrical signals that cause heart pumping are disrupted resulting into death. A person may look normal before this and may not have any past history of heart disease.

On the other hand, heart attack occurs due to the blockage of the main arteries that prevents blood from reaching a portion of heart. The heart still beats but that blocked section is dead. A person can have history of heart problems. It is advisable to give aspirin dissolved in water to the person and immediately given medical help. Aspirin helps in the thinning of blood.

The scientist did study during this time frame when the brain was active but the heart stopped working for little time but started working again later on. The body movement and activities that happened during that time period is under studies.

Once the heart stops pumping, blood supply to the brain is stopped. The logical thinking part of brain is “cerebral cortext”. When the blood does not reach to the brain, it slows down and no signal is noticed on an electric monitor. Slowly the brain cells start dying but takes few hours after the heart stops working.

The scientists observation is based on this time duration only when the brain is still active but slowly moving to dying condition after the heart is not longer working.

As per the studies, the patient who dies is aware that he is dead because of the consciousness that continued even after the body is lifeless.

The research and claim was  made by Dr. Sam Parnia who is the director of  critical care in Langone School of Medicine in New York City.



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