Indian Women Cricket Team lost to England in World Cup Final 2017 but won many hearts

India women cricket team

“Mahri chorriyaa choro se kam hai kya’’. Hats off to the Indian women cricket team. England played for fifty overs and set a target of 228/7. Indian players chased the score terrifically, however, could not be able to create history.

Few Days back only we had published an article about the top 5 Indian women sports women of the last year. And today, the brilliant match shown by the female cricket team of India against England in the world cup finals.

But here we think though they lost their battle to England they have won heart of million fans. We all know it’s a gospel truth; these girls were not given limelight like man’s cricket. Not a lot more people follow women’s cricket. So, in the country where cricket is supposed to be purely a masculine game, these girls have broken all those stereotypes.

How many of us are aware of the fact that first International women’s world cup cricket tournament was hosted by England in 1973? That time only three teams participated. India raised its flag for the first time in 1978.

Indian women cricket team

As of now total eleven women’s world cup has been hosted by five different countries, with India hosted the event thrice. This was not the first time that our “women brigade”’ could be able to book a seat in finals. Earlier too, in 2005 India reached to finals. The event was hosted by South Africa.

Final battle was between Australia and India. Australia has till date maximum number of women’s world cup title in bag. India lost this match to Australia by 98 runs. Prior to 2005 in year 1997, 2000 women’s cricket team could manage to play till semifinals.

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