Junk Foods and its Effects

The craze of junk food has got widened and people have started eating burger, pizzas, noodles for the sake of party and enjoyment blindly. Instead of giving a chance to healthier and balanced food, they prefer to choose short cut of eating junk food, which is faster to cook and order.

Today’s generation has vastly dependent on junk food for filling up stomach. The hectic life, long hours in office, insufficient time for cooking has also increased the consumption of these ready-to-eat food. Junk food does not take much time for cooking and is ready to eat in a moment. Junk food may sound tasty but is not good for health in a long run.

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Junk foods like burgar, Pizza, Chawmin etc. have mainly maid or white flour in them which sticks in the body and is difficult to digest. It gets on accumulated in the body and causes fatness. Junk food only makes your stomach fuller but does not provide enough energy.

Junk food like pizza, burger claim to have vegetables like cabbage, capsicum, beans but are not properly washed and even carry insects and bacteria in them and can cause diseases.

Junk Food Dependency

Balanced diet plays an important role in a child’s early years for growth. The way you feed, decides their physical power. If the child is given junk food like pizza, burger, noodles etc., that would only fill the stomach but not fulfill the basic daily need of nutrients requirement.
Junk foods are rich in high sugar content and calories. They make kids dependent on them as they become habitual to its taste once have. The junk food does not provide higher nutrients which are needed for proper growth of kids. They tend to eat more and develop serious diseases that could lead due to less nutrients intake and unhealthy lifestyle

Junk food and Arteries

The junk foods are of no good for kids and grown up folks. People believe that they will do exercise or extra walking to kill those extra calories, but sadly this is not the truth. The damage to the arteries begins the very first day. Poor arteries can affect heart and brain functioning if not taken care of on time.

If one eats rich balanced diet, his brain and body will function good and think in a positive manner. On the other hand, junk foods add depression and dependency on to them. When we eat junk food then we ignore healthier options and this makes us vitamins and fibre deficient.
Moreover the junk food is highly rich in sugar that causes fluctuations in our body sugar levels resulting in prolonged sleeping hours, irritation, lethargic nature etc.

Obesity and Heart Disorders
Since, junk food has high sugar level and good in taste so once a person begins eating this, he will go on eating more and more. The high cholestrol and sugar level in it makes a person more obese and gives invitation to heart diseases. 


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