Kapil Sharma in Shahrukh Khan New Show

Controversies enhance popularity, and this seems to be fit on Kapil Sharma, who has become a big household name with his show “Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma”. The new controversy is related with the shooting for the new show of Shahrukh Khan going to aired on a rival channel.

Comedy Nights with Kapil SharmaWhen Shahrukh Khan’s new show, “India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun”
aired on a television channel then Kapil Sharma was asked to shoot for his first episode.

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Kapil cleared that he even did not even ask about the concept of the show and agreed, and also claims that he was in Malaysia when the call came from the show. He told that after the call, he pre-scheduled his return to India to accommodate the shoot.

Kapil Sharma is disappointed by the reports that states that Kapil did not shoot for the show because of the channel on which his own show is hosted asked him not to shoot on the rivalry channel show.

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Kapil Sharma cleared his point and said, “He has appeared on my show and made it bigger than ever…how can I say no to him? Further he said “When Shahrukh Bhai’s team called about the shoot, I agreed to shoot with Mika Singh on February 25. He has appeared on my show multiple times and made it bigger than ever, how can I say no to him?”

Kapil seems to be miffed between the channels war. He is disappointed by Channels behavior as the channel is not saying that not shooting for a rival channel was entirely Kapil’s decision. On a reaction to this statement, Kapil says that they should have been upfront about it and not put the blame on me.


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