Life after school: Role of hobbies


When not at school, it is an arduous task for parents to engage there kids at home, especially vacation time. Tiny souls are the most prone to boredom! Mobile phones, pads or television are no way the methods to keep your kids busy. Better is to engage your child into enjoyable and productive leisure activities which are not only pleasurable but at the same time are recreational, rejuvenating and free from the demands of work or other responsibilities. Hobby is the best way to be with yourself and for yourself and vacation time is the best period to provide an opportunity for your child to adopt a hobby.

Here is the list of benefits of adopting a hobby:

1. Feelings of amusement and enjoyment.

Hobbies are leisure, not work.  Undoubtedly, indulging into hobby will lift spirits of your kid high and make him or her happy and delightful.

2. Natural stress buster

Today’s generation is more stressed out, which is not good for them. Hobbies play a role in buffering the negative psychological impact of stress. Through hobbies, your kid may be able to divert negative stressful emotions into something positive, creative, recreational and constructive.

3. Channelizing Energy Positively

Small kids are just like little blast furnaces constantly burning energy, tapping this energy into construction way is the most important thing. Hobbies provide a vending machine to pour out their surplus energies in a positive, productive and constructive way

4. Perfect Utilization of Spare time

Today technology is ruling the life of young kids. Television, computers, mobile phones have made them addicted. Possible negative health effects of modern gadgets on children and adolescents are violent or aggressive behaviour, substance use, sexual activity, obesity, poor body image, and decreased school performance.

5. Sense of Achievement

Converting lines into fine sketches, raising a tiny seed into a tree, finishing a  few pages of a lengthy storybook, solving a crossword puzzle, jigsaw puzzle or suduko is enough to make one feel on the top of the world.

6. Broadening Horizons of Imagination and Enhanced Creativity

Creativity is one of the most unique of human skills. Creativity requires both originality and usefulness. Drawing, painting, music, and arts and crafts, they serve to be perfect outlets for the child’s creative surges. Hobbies can provide wings to imagination and creativity to your kid. Art and craft hobby offers an opportunity to experiment with aesthetically pleasing colours and textures and heightened awareness of nature.

7. Psychological and Physical Well-Being

Kids have greater improved life memory, life satisfaction, life engagement, social support as well as lower depression rates and lower blood pressure, cortisol and better perceived physical function.

Physical hobbies like dancing, swimming, biking, trekking, cycling or horse riding can boost both physical fitness and mental strength.

8. Roadmap to Full-Time Passion

It is quite possible that a child may opt his or her hobby as a full-time passion. You never know book love of your child can lay pavement of future renowned writer.

9. Attaining Life Skills

Books cannot teach your kid life skills. Specific personal, social, interpersonal,  skills that are needed in order to deal with the demands and needs of life. In short, life skill provide you with the power to cope up in any environment under any circumstances.

10. Enjoyable Old Age

Hobbies provide a way of continuing engagement with life and purpose in life, which are successful in ageing successful ageing. Engaging in hobbies for one or more hours every day might be protective against dementia in late life.

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