Nestle pulled Maggi Noodles from Market

“Mummy bhook lagi….Magii in 2 minutes..” I believe most of us have grown up seeing these lines on television and they grew our faith more stronger on the product. But this is only since last few days, the faith of people on this most loving product has shifted and they are dragging away from the product.

Reacting to the recent controversies over the presence of Glutamate and Lead higher percentage, Nestle India has pulled out its stock from the market on Thursday night.


But the question is why the testing of this must available home-food took so long and why it was not brought in limelight a long back. Is it the fact that Nestle had changed its content recently or it had happened much before also?

Maggi is not a new product and has been able to get a lot of love from all genres of people, be it  kids, youth or elder people. This fast instant 2-minutes cooking time product is seen in the lunch boxes of toddlers in school, and they also seem to enjoy it as a delight.

But what happened all of a sudden that the whole world has got suspicious with the quality of this. Along with Delhi, four other states – Gujarat Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Tamil Nadu also banned the sale of Maggi Noodles. It is the presence of Monosodium Glutamate and lead in Maggi beyond the permissible levels in the product which is being blamed for all these controversies.

The ban in Tamil Nadu and Uttrakhand states is initially for three months while in Gujarat, the ban will be for one month. The states would wait for the final fitness reports of the product for human consumption.


Maggi is household food item which is loved by all genres – kids, youth and aged also. The two minutes cooking item has made the people crazy after its taste.

In recent studies it was found that Maggi Noodle was found with the higher percentage of two components beyond the permissible range i,e Lead and Mono Glutamate.

Lead: The permissible limit for lead is 25ppm as its higher concentration can cause lead poisoning called painter -scolic which could further result into Anemia and stomach pain. The toxic effects of lead can damage other body organs also and ultimately can cause kidney and liver failure.

Monosodium Glutamate is found in few vegetables naturally like tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms etc. This can also be manufactured by the process of fermentation of sugar beets, sugar cane. The Glutamate obtained in this way can have serious health issues specially in pregnant women and newly born kids.

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