Most Sacred Donation is Organ Donation – One can Live after Death


Recently a news was flashing on national channel that a green door was made to transfer a heart from one hospital to another. And, the distance that normally takes hours was covered in just few minutes. For this, hospital and traffic staff coordinated so well as they understood the importance of every single second that could deteriorate the organ and unfit for transplantation. To be very true I was not seriously aware much with the various things like law, processes or life expectancy of different body parts after donation. This one incident really opened my eyes and I started looking my body in different ways.

I have started growing a faith in myself that no matter I have made any donation or not. No matter I have enough money to expend on religious affairs. I have my vital organs and can donate them to make others live even after I am gone.

Who says life can not remain a “life” after death. It is possible with organ donation now. This is one of the most sacred donation one can do in the whole life. If everyone takes a pledge to donate his vital body part after death, there are many lives in the world which can bloom again.

There are many sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers who lose their battle of life in the wait of organ transplantation. There are many people who are brain dead and have least life left. If their heart or kidney can be used for those who need them the most and struggling for life, nothing could be better than this.


There are many organs in human body which can be exchanged on the event of their failure. In such scenario, they can be transplanted from the body of a healthy person. But organ transplantation can happen only when someone is ready for this.

To donate own’s organ to someone needy, is called “Organ Donation”

What happens during Organ Donation?

  1. Organ donation is done after death or if a person is brain dead. In other case it is not possible to carry out the procedure. So, for organ donation the patient is normally brain dead and on ventilator.
  2. Doctors first make sure the patient is brain dead and has very least life expectancy.
  3. To test a patient is brain dead or not, EEG(Electro Encephalo Graphy) test is performed. This is done to check the brain and normally done twice to just make sure that is fully not working and there is no possibility of working again.
  4. There is a law which hospital needs to follow for such processes. According to this law, family members are taken into confidence and with their will and permission only any of the body part is taken out.
  5. One thing doctors make sure is that the part is taken out and stored as soon as possible. The chances of the organ working efficiently reduces as the time passes.
  6. Generally, every hospital has a waiting list of those patients who need organ. So, anyone who is on top of the list gets the organ first. It is taken care to do the whole procedure as fast as possible.
  7. If the organ does not match with the first patient, the chance is given to the next patient on the waiting list.

What is the Life Expectancy of Organ after Donation?

If a person is alive, his kidney or liver can be transplanted with his permission. But if a patient is brain dead, it is done immediately. The organ begins to deteriorate with every single passing second. Different organs have different life expectancy as bellow:

organ donation

Is there any Law for Organ Donation?

Yes there is a law already in practice for organ donation. It says the following things:

  1. Any person can sign before his death for the donation of his part after the death. But if his/her close ones do not permit to donate the deceased body parts, hospital does not do organ donation. Hospital process it only if the family is ready.
  2. Reciprocal of the first point above, if someone has not signed contract for organ donation, still his/her family can opt for the organ donation after the death.
  3. If someone is brain dead, his organ can be transplanted.
  4. The process of organ transplantation begins immediately with the death of the patient. This does not delay the last rituals process as most of the people think.
  5. To become a donar, one should be above the age of 18 years. But if the age is less than 18 years, permission of parents is compulsory.
  6. Only that part of the body can be transplanted which is mentioned in the organ donation card. If the family does not want any other part to be donated, hospital has to obey this.
  7. Family does not have to bear any expenses for organ donation.
  8. No hospital can also take any part of a person without permission.


Life is so small yet precious. Try to understand the importance of it from a person who is counting for every single breathe, who is lying battling between life and death.

In many cultures, it is considered good to make offerings and donations after someone’s death. Families spend a lot of money for the rituals for the peace of the departed soul. Think, how the departed soul would feel peaceful knowing it’s body could come in someone’s use.

This is true that a mother is the one who gives life to her babies, but it is really a matter of blessing if one can offer his body organs to someone who is about to die and make him live again. Greatness lies in giving someone second life.

Think someone is their who can use your eyes to see the world after you are gone. Think how your heart can beat in someone’s else body. Life is short and precious, please make it more meaningful. Donate your organs to the needy….


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