Odd Even Scheme in Delhi for Pollution and Traffic Control


Odd-Even scheme is the planning of running a vehicle according to the last number on the number plate. If the last number is odd it can come on road on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If the number is even the vehicle can be run on even days i,e Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

In Delhi, this is the third time when government has thought to implement the odd-even scheme. This time the Delhi government had planned to rule out this scheme for five days, 13 to 17 November 2017.

Odd-Even was expected to bring down the level of pollution that has risen in Delhi in last few days.

But due to NGT objections to the exemptions this scheme provide for CNG vehicles, women, special vehicles etc., this scheme has gone on hold and  would not be implemented. As the government said it would cause extra load to manage the things without any exemptions. Moreover, the PM level has lowered down from 2.5 to 455.

But let us know what all preparation had been done and who all were exempted from the Odd-Even scheme.

Who is Exempted from Odd Even Scheme of Traffic?


1. Emergency Vehicle: Ambulance, Fire Brigade etc.
2. School buses
3. Two-wheelers
4. Special vehicles of differently-abled people
5. SPG vehicles
6. Embassy vehicles
7. If the woman is driving car, she can use any car of any number

But seeing a large number of population using their vehicles for daily commutation to their offices, the implementation of Odd-Even can hamper the traffic control in the city. To control and handle any such situation arising because of Odd-Even scheme, the following arrangement has been done so far:

  • 3, 500 traffic police personnel
  • 600 cranes
  • 100 small bus to be run on 20 routes by Delhi Metro
  • Delhi metro will make 186 extra trips daily for 5 days
  • 500 more private bus will be deployed by DTC
  • 5000 civil defence volunteers

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